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How to solve the characteristics of neurasthenia

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How to solve the characteristics of neurasthenia

Tension and stress fill our lives every day. The pace of life has been accelerating, the pace of the times never stops, work and rest are irregular, self-repair is weakened, and sub-health is manifesting in us in various ways. Office workers and young students have become the main force of neurasthenia. Only a very small number of people have neurasthenia reaching the upper limit of the disease. Timely use of effective treatments such as physical and psychological therapy is the way to get rid of neurasthenia.

What is neurasthenia

Neurasthenia is due to bad stimulation of the body, long-term nervous activity in the brain or chronic fatigue, Factors such as anxiety, trauma and lack of sleep lead to neurological dysfunction caused by the dysfunction of brain excitation and inhibition, and also have many adverse effects on the body. Causes of neurasthenia When people are stimulated by work pressure, study, life difficulties, excessive fatigue, mental depression, or because of family, social and personal conflicts, the nerve mediators endocrine in their bodies will be out of balance. Causes constant tension in neural activity in daily life. How is neurasthenia treated? 1. Learn to decompress yourself. If you are an introverted person, under the action of some stimulating factors, it is more likely to induce neurasthenia. We must learn to decompress, self-discipline, and not worry too much. It turns out that our excessive anxiety is unnecessary. 2. Adhere to physical exercise. Insomnia is mainly caused by the disorder of nervous system activity, and insisting on physical exercise can make all functions of the body work and cooperate well, improve the body's immunity, and the fatigue caused by exercise will make you fall asleep quickly. 3. Medication conditioning. TCM conditioning is based on the balance of yin and yang of the human body, the balance of qi and blood, and the functions of the zang-fu organs. Physicians will carry out overall syndrome differentiation and treatment according to specific symptoms and types, and target the compatibility of medicinal materials to regulate the zang-fu organs and correct the nerves. process. It is still very advantageous to use traditional Chinese medicine to regulate neurasthenia, the conditioning effect is also good, and it is not easy to repeat after recovery. 4, diet conditioning. In the treatment of neurasthenia, it is necessary to pay attention to eating more high-protein foods, such as milk, lean meat, chicken, soy products, etc., as well as fresh vegetables and fruits, because these foods are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Indispensable nutrients for the human body. At the same time, it should be noted that strong tea, coffee, alcohol and other substances can easily increase the excitability of the central nervous system, which will affect the sleep of patients with neurasthenia, and should be avoided. 5. Be happy. Whether it is autonomic disorder or neurasthenia will recur, the fundamental reason is a bad psychological state. Keep an optimistic attitude and a happy spirit, so that the nervous breakdown will stay away from you forever. We should communicate and communicate with people more friendly, and be a broad-minded person. Don’t take small things to heart, don’t care too much about gains and losses, and let go of what should be put down, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you encounter neurasthenia, don't panic, you can seek professional help to find out the cause and solve the problem of neurasthenia.

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