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What are the symptoms of schizophrenia? Be careful with these 6 situations

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What are the symptoms of schizophrenia? Be careful with these 6 situations

Schizophrenia is affected by many factors, such as heredity, economic status, having certain diseases, damage to the central nervous system, etc. Schizophrenia involves many aspects, but also presents different symptoms. What are the symptoms of schizophrenia? 1. Delusions Most people with schizophrenia have unrealistic delusions, which are pathologically distorted beliefs. Always feel threatened and have no basis for believing that others want to sabotage or frame you. I feel that the people and things around me are related to me, and that everything is for me. In addition, there is no basis to expand their wealth status and ability. 2. Thought association disorder Talking or writing with others lacks logic, it is difficult to express one's own meaning clearly around the central idea of ​​the conversation, which makes others confused. The logic process is very bizarre, if serious, the space is small and the text is simple. 3. Hallucinations The perception of the presence of something that does not exist in objective reality is the main symptom of schizophrenia. No one was talking around, but you could hear voices. What you hear is controversial or critical. 4. Affective disorder In the early stage of schizophrenia, there will be meticulous emotional deficits, and the feelings for close people are relatively flat. The emotions expressed are not in harmony with the surrounding environment, there will be unexplained laughter of self, and there will be no spiritual communication with others. 5. Willingness and behavior disorder: I am relatively withdrawn, not sociable, passive and withdrawn in doing things, lacking a certain degree of enthusiasm and initiative, feeling idle and lazy every day, and some functions decline. In addition, there is no interest in work and study, the ability is significantly reduced, social functioning is impaired, and childish and stupid behaviors appear. If you are light, you may be less aggressive and slow to act. If it is serious, do not eat or drink or say, accompanied by increased muscle tension. When you are in a sluggish state, you are suddenly impulsive and jittery. 6. Insight Insight is the ability to recognize one's own disease and manifestations. I think neither behavioral awareness nor bizarre thoughts are sicknesses, and I can't identify problems with mental activity, nor can I identify lesions at the same time. If schizophrenia is not treated effectively, it will bring certain damage to work, life and study. Severe cases may develop into a state of mental decline, resulting in intellectual disability. In addition, delusions, hallucinations, or emotional disturbances can cause harm to others and to self-harm. Once schizophrenia is diagnosed, it is necessary to choose a regular hospital for standardized treatment to avoid adverse consequences. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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