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What kind of mental illness patients recover faster?

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What kind of mental illness patients recover faster?

What kind of mental illness patients recover faster? A person suffering from mental illness is basically a combination of necessity and accident. It must be a sensitive, suspicious and insecure character. Occasionally, he has experienced some stimulation and shock, and encountered failure and setback. Some people say that if I hadn't been frightened that time, I wouldn't have had an anxiety disorder or phobia, but in fact, I wasn't frightened that time, and I would still develop an anxiety disorder and phobia when encountering similar things in the future. Sensitive, suspicious, insecure personality is the key factor in the formation of mental illness, and this kind of personality is caused by being denied and not recognized since childhood. Many people think that personality is hereditary. Wu Zetian and Li Zhi are extremely powerful, but their The four sons are all timid, and now there are many children with mental illness, which is related to the strength of many parents, especially the mother. Once you suffer from mental illness, you will start a long and painful journey. Whether you can recover or not, and the speed of recovery, depends on your own motivation. Whether the outsiders are really professional and whether they can really help him, theoretically , No one wants to suffer, but improper family education, many children are spoiled from childhood, these children are self-righteous, refuse to work hard, and have a negative attitude, which is a roadblock to recovery. In terms of personality, the more sensitive people are, the more difficult it is to recover. On the other hand, many psychological theories are unscientific and do not see the core factors of mental illness. These aspects cause many people to suffer for many years, and the recovery process is relatively slow. If you have not been spoiled since childhood, your child will have a good sense of responsibility and gratitude, not be afraid of hardships, and have a good will and quality, and it will be easy to recover when you encounter scientific methods.

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