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Who is at risk for mental illness? Beware of these 5 types of people

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Who is at risk for mental illness? Beware of these 5 types of people

The pace of life is getting faster and faster now, and everyone has to face the pressure from work and life, which leads to emotional instability and various diseases, including mental illness. Mental illness affects not only a person's mental health, but also brain and physical function, causing a range of physical symptoms. Therefore, high-risk groups should be vigilant and take precautions. Who are prone to mental illness? 1. Compared with people with too much work pressure, people with too much pressure are more likely to suffer from mental illness than ordinary people, because they are under too much pressure for a long time, which will put their minds in a state of high load. If they are not adjusted in time, The body will work at a high load, which will lead to the emergence of mental illness. 2. People who are psychologically dependent on the Internet are now very developed on the Internet. Proper internet access can relax people's mind and body, and it can also help them get work done more conveniently and quickly. However, if you surf the Internet for a long time, it will cause dependence and induce mental illness, especially if you play online dating for a long time, it will affect people's normal cognition and keep them in a virtual state, which may eventually lead to mental illness. 3. People with family or emotional changes Family depression or parental divorce will affect the child's psychology and even lead to mental illness. In addition, huge emotional changes will also increase the incidence of mental illness, such as the pain caused by lovelorn or the death of a loved one, which will make people's psychology out of balance and lead to the emergence of psychological disorders. 4. Students with heavy learning tasks are now under a lot of pressure. Since elementary school, they have to face a large number of books and review materials every day, which puts children under enormous pressure for a long time, and promotes the increasing incidence of various mental diseases, making them unresponsive, afraid of learning, and bored. question. 5. People with poor growth environment Bad growth environment or chaotic family environment will affect people's mental health. For example, lack of maternal love and sense of security during adolescence can affect children's mental health. Long-term domestic violence or abuse in adults can also lead to various psychological problems, and psychological distortion is the most common one. There are some obvious symptoms before the onset of mental illness. Therefore, if you find yourself often nervous, anxious, tired, insomniac, unwilling to communicate with others, or always want to shut yourself in your own world, you should seek medical attention in time. With the help of a doctor, adjusting your mental state in time and taking medicine when necessary can reduce the occurrence of mental illness and enable you to live and work normally. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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