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5 major symptoms of autism, early understanding and early adjustment is the key

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5 major symptoms of autism, early understanding and early adjustment is the key

Autism is a common psychological disorder, also known as autism and loneliness. The average adult rarely suffers from autism, but there are many children with autism. Most of the causes of autism in children are directly related to their parents. Therefore, parents should keep abreast of autism-related symptoms in order to facilitate early detection and treatment and reduce the impact of this disease on their children in the future. What are the symptoms of autism? 1. Interpersonal Disorders Children with autism tend to feel particularly lonely, they are reluctant to interact with others and lack emotional connection. For example, when a newborn is picked up, he will not be close to his mother. From 1-8 months old, being held by a relative reacts the same as being held by someone else. There is no fluctuation in the departure or return of my parents, and I dare not make eye contact with others, and I cannot communicate with others normally. 2. Stiff and repetitive movements Children with autism often insist on repetitive and stereotyped game patterns or lifestyles, are resistant to change, and often lack imagination. For example, repeatedly queuing up for toys, they can't change their position, can't put things in place, and stubbornly keep various things as they are, which is one of the obvious symptoms of autism. 3. Excessive dependence on certain special items Children with autism are often particularly interested in certain items, such as building blocks, radios, and even reach the level of attachment. They will fall in love with these things and feel satisfied while playing. If they suddenly took these things away, they would panic and even cry. Children with autism rarely play with other children, but they are happier when they play alone. 4. Intellectually retarded children with autism are not significantly different from ordinary children in appearance, but their social skills are particularly poor, even so severe that they cannot take care of themselves. Most children have moderate to severe mental retardation. There are also very few children with autism who have special abilities in areas such as music, computers or memory. 5. Language development disorder Language development disorder is the most prominent manifestation of autism in children. After the child is ill, the number and frequency of speech will become less and less, and in severe cases, it will not even speak. With the prolongation of the course of the disease, the child's ability to understand language will gradually deteriorate, and the child cannot use facial expressions, body movements, and voice tones to express their feelings or communicate with others. Autism can make children unable to integrate into society or even to live independently. Therefore, after discovering that the child has autism-related symptoms, it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist in time, and actively treat it under the guidance of a psychiatrist. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]


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