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What is Suspiciousness

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What is Suspiciousness

The scientific name of "suspicious heart disease" is "disease anxiety disorder". From the perspective of clinical manifestations, the "suspicious heart disease" in people's mouth is closest to the psychological "disease anxiety disorder". People with this disorder are mired in anxiety and fear that they may have a serious medical condition. Out of concern for their health, they often go to major hospitals for detailed examinations, which all show that they do not have any form of organic disease. It is worth emphasizing that patients are not pretending to be ill, they subjectively and truly feel their “sickness”, and their fear of a potentially fatal disease is also real. However, this is not a physical pain, but a psychological one. When outsiders questioned their suffering, they often elicited fierce rebuttals. 'Apathy' Therapy May Reduce Symptoms People with illness anxiety disorder tend to be suspicious, stubborn, and cautious, so convincing them to undergo psychotherapy is no easy task. Behaviorist psychology believes that illness anxiety disorder can be maintained, to a large extent, continuously reinforced by the surrounding environment. In childhood, the special attention given by parents when a child is ill acts as a "reinforcer". And as adults, those who provide special attention may become doctors and friends and relatives. Physical sensitivities, coupled with their habit of exaggerating symptoms, have led doctors to prescribe more potent drugs and patients to undergo more diagnostic tests. And this is likely to allow them to indirectly gain a lot of sympathy from the workplace and relatives and friends, and even exempt them from many responsibilities in life. In other words, the concern of the people around, not only did not alleviate the symptoms, but instead strengthened their bad behavior of repeatedly seeking medical treatment.

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