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Teach you a few tricks to get rid of doubts

Time:2022-12-08 05:36:54 author:Anxiety disorder Read:886次
Teach you a few tricks to get rid of doubts

Suspicion is an unhealthy state of mind, mainly manifested as: oneself is not sick and suspects sick; always make up some causal relationship to explain why others behave and talk like this; some will suspect that their partner is cheating... It's because of a lack of security. In fact, hypochondriasis not only affects normal interpersonal relationships, but also has many "complications". A person suffering from hypochondriasis is upset, flustered and short of breath all day long, limbs are weak, and the whole body is unwell. Either it hurts here or there, it doesn't taste good, and sleeps uneasy. Some even suspect that they have an incurable disease. How to alleviate the symptoms, here I summarize a few points ² Suspicious patients always put their attention on themselves, what we need to do is to help patients regain their hobbies or establish a weekly hobby. Focusing on the things you like in this way not only cultivates your sentiments and makes you happy, but also effectively avoids cranky thoughts! ² Getting together with your friends regularly or irregularly, accompanied by family and friendship, helps to eliminate doubts and overcome them. ² Going for a walk in nature and seeing the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland not only broadens the horizon, but also stretches the mind. Avoid getting caught up in suspicious situations. ² In the final analysis, hypochondriasis is a kind of mental illness. If conditions permit, with the help of professional psychological consultants, it can achieve twice the result with half the effort.


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