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Daughter with schizophrenia breaks up with parents, returns to family after surgery

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Daughter with schizophrenia breaks up with parents, returns to family after surgery

Original article, misappropriation must be investigated Xiaomei is a schizophrenic patient with a history of 8 years. According to her own description, at first she saw a shadow wandering out of thin air at home and was unwilling to take a bath. She felt that a shadow was staring at the bathroom window. She, about a month later, could hear a voice telling her that she was not born to her parents, and that she should be admitted to a university far away from home and left her parents. Later in the school, she could also feel that someone was talking about her behind her back. She was grumpy, I was irritable and had many conflicts with classmates. At that time, he was diagnosed with "schizophrenia" and took oral medication such as clozapine. After taking the medication for 1 week, his symptoms began to improve. He was discharged from the hospital for more than one month. But willing to take medicine on time. In May 2019, Xiaomei's school organized students to go out to sketch for a week. Because she was afraid that her classmates would find out that she was taking medicine, Xiaomei rejected her parents' suggestion to take medicine. When she returned home a week later, Xiaomei's condition worsened significantly. At home, she babbled nonsense, said things her parents couldn't understand, suddenly cried while eating, smashed her head on the dining table, poured rice on the seat, and behaved very abnormally. Symptoms improved slightly. In the past year, Xiaomei spent a lot of money, buying clothes, cosmetics, and luxury goods regardless of the price. Every time she asked her parents for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, she felt that she was not perfect. faint. Last month, Xiaomei's parents took her to the local provincial hospital to adjust the medicine, hoping that another medicine could control her daughter's condition. , his "biological" father is the president, and he wants to find his "biological" parents. He thinks that the current parents are poor, so he looks down on them, and is unwilling to talk to them. He didn't even go to college. He found the original high school teacher, I asked to take the college entrance examination again and felt that I could be admitted to the University of Finance and Economics. In August 2022, Xiaomei came to our hospital accompanied by her parents. According to the outpatient evaluation, her main manifestations included relational delusions, visual and auditory hallucinations, grandiose delusions, delusions of non-blood relatives, extravagance, and emotional agitation. She was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia. After exclusion of surgical contraindications, fifth-generation stereotaxic surgery was performed. After the operation, Xiaomei had no problems in the head CT scan. Her speech and emotions were all very good, and she answered the question to the point. She had a clear understanding of her hometown, time and place, and her symptoms such as relationship delusions, auditory hallucinations, and emotional agitation were basically controlled. Take care of yourself, be polite to the people around you, awaken your affection for your parents, and let your family get along and communicate harmoniously and warmly. Regarding the plan after being discharged from the hospital, Xiaomei said that she wants to continue to go to school and complete her university studies. Video loading...If someone in the family is diagnosed with schizophrenia, the family plays a very important role in the recovery of the schizophrenic patient. The study found that family members had a critical influence on the support of patients with first-time illness, such as encouraging patients to take their medication regularly, supporting patients to continue treatment, and encouraging patients to improve their social lives. The family's knowledge and insights on the treatment of the disease will also affect how the family cares for the patient. For example, drugs can treat patients with early schizophrenia, and surgery can treat patients with severe schizophrenia who are refractory to drugs. Choosing different treatment methods can help patients get rid of the disease more efficiently. In addition, how the family communicates with the patient also has an important impact on the patient. Proper communication can reduce the chance of family conflict. Appropriate care, positive encouragement, and a reasonable degree of freedom can enable patients to live an independent and prosperous life again.

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