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Is it easy to have "3 fires" in autumn? Chinese medicine teaches you a recipe for clearing fire without spending money

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Is it easy to have "3 fires" in autumn? Chinese medicine teaches you a recipe for clearing fire without spending money

In autumn, the weather is dry, and people have a big appetite, blindly taking supplements, and drinking too little water will cause anger. Getting angry is a Chinese saying, which is mainly manifested as dry mouth, red and yellow urine, dry stool, increased eye secretions and bitter mouth. Especially stomach fire, anger fire and heart fire burn more violently in autumn. Chinese medicine teaches you how to clear fire at no cost and relieve physical discomfort. What kind of fire is easy to appear in autumn? 1. Liver fire TCM believes that the liver controls the flow of qi. In autumn, when the Qi machine converges, the pores of the skin are in a closed state, which affects the liver's outward divergence, which is easy to cause stagnation of liver Qi, and over time, the liver fire is exuberant. Mainly manifested as dizziness, dry mouth and bitter taste, difficult to control emotions, irregular menstruation and so on. Usually, you should drink more mint and chrysanthemum tea to clear the liver fire; maintain moderate exercise, which can speed up the running speed of qi and blood, help to dissolve the stagnant qi, and strongly recommend body rotation exercise, which can clear the liver and gallbladder meridians; maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. 2. Stomach fire Stomach fire is generally related to diet. Food is digested and absorbed by the spleen and stomach. Food is ground and digested in the stomach. The function of the spleen is to transport nutrients to every part of the body. Overeating and eating too much fatty and greasy food can increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, resulting in stomach fire. Stomach fire is mainly manifested as sores on the tongue, dry stool, bitterness in the mouth, fullness of the upper abdomen and polydipsia. Usually should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as cucumbers, tomatoes and celery, grapefruit and watermelon, etc.; avoid overeating, pay attention to a light diet. 3. Heart fire and liver fire have not been resolved, and will gradually develop into heart fire, mainly manifested as insomnia and more dreams, sores or erosions of the tongue, palpitation, yellow urine and burning sensation when urinating. How to clear fire? 1. Regular work and rest. Sleeping happily or going to work can affect the alternation of yin and yang, deplete yin qi, and fail to nourish the liver, resulting in anger. Therefore, you should maintain a regular schedule, go to bed around 22:00~23:00, and get up around 6:00~7:00 in the morning. 2. Drink plenty of water. The amount of water to drink a day should not be less than 1200 ml. The first choice is plain water, which can speed up the metabolism, reduce the dryness and heat in the body, and reduce the irritability. 3. Massage acupoints Hegu, Yongquan and Zhaohai points, etc., each massage for 5 to 10 minutes, it is better to make the acupoints feel slightly sore and bloated, which can help reduce fire. Warm reminder due to the dry air, in addition to drinking more water, it is also necessary to change the indoor humidity, open windows regularly for ventilation, place humidifiers or green plants, 2-3 pots of water, etc. in the room, and control the humidity at about 50%-60%. Insist on exercising, such as Baduanjin, walking, skipping and jogging, etc., can not only strengthen the body, but also make the body and mind happy and reduce heart fire. Do not do strenuous exercise, and it is better to sweat a little when you exercise. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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