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Nanchang Erqi Hospital: Public Welfare Consultation and Health Activity in Progress

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital: Public Welfare Consultation and Health Activity in Progress

In order to help patients solve the problem of difficult and expensive medical treatment, let the majority of mentally ill patients seize the opportunity of autumn treatment, control and improve mental illness, and meet the needs of people to see famous doctors, September 17-18, 2022, Nanchang Erqi Hospital, Mei Xiufang, Gao Xicui, Wang Rao and other well-known domestic psychiatric experts were invited to Nanchang Erqi Hospital for public health consultation and health activities. Zero-distance communication, early detection, early intervention, and early recovery, help people solve mental and psychological obstacles and return to their families and society as soon as possible. During the consultation, the expert group will further promote the application of quantitative big data in detection, treatment and precision medicine. For mentally ill patients, on the premise of comprehensive scientific quantitative detection, a precise and quantitative treatment plan should be issued actively, timely, scientifically and reasonably. Nanchang Erqi Hospital, as the designated service center for mental health intervention in Donghu District, Nanchang City, actively responds to the call of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council promulgated the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, implements the purpose of the national mental health prevention and protection project, and aims to "humanistic medical care, wholeheartedness" "Service" as the guide, put the interests of patients first, respect the privacy and dignity of patients, and start from the satisfaction, comfort, convenience and safety of patients, and strive to create a warm and comfortable green medical environment to meet the growing health needs of patients. . In order to allow patients to enjoy better medical services and reduce waiting time for patients, the hospital will strictly control the number of patients. During the consultation period, there are only 30 places available on the day. Please make an appointment as soon as possible. Quotas are very tight. Please apply for an appointment in advance! At the same time, please prepare your ID card, health code and travel card. Thank you for your cooperation! Event time: September 17-18, 2022, Saturday and Sunday Event address: No. 513, Erqi North Road, Donghu District, Nanchang City (opposite Sunshine Holiday Hotel) Reservation method: (1) Telephone reservation: 0791-88609999 ( 2) Wechat appointment: follow the public account of "Nanchang Erqi Hospital" and edit "consultation registration + name + contact number" (3) Appointment at the hospital: No. 513, Erqi North Road, Donghu District, Nanchang City (opposite to Sunshine Holiday Hotel)

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