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Now that the conditions are good, why are more and more people getting cancer?

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Now that the conditions are good, why are more and more people getting cancer?

Now that the conditions are good, why are more and more people getting cancer?

In the past few decades, the living conditions of the Chinese people have indeed improved a lot. Correspondingly, there are more and more cancer patients, and there are actually many diseases, such as diabetes, gout, all kinds of strange diseases. Diseases, various chronic inflammations, as well as mental diseases, depression, anxiety, etc., all have a blowout phenomenon. What is the reason for the outbreak of various diseases? The living conditions have improved, but the outdated concepts have not changed, and the conditions have improved, which has encouraged some people to enjoy the mentality of eating and drinking without restraint, no black and white games, spoiled children willful and irritable, and all kinds of pollution. In recent years, great changes have taken place in the way of planting and breeding, the extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers, hybridization, early harvesting, the popularization of greenhouse technology, the finishing of grain (peeling, and many vitamins are on the grain skin), frying and frying, many vitamins , minerals will decompose when exposed to high temperature. There is also an important substance in crops, called bioflavonoids, which are phenols. They play an antioxidant role and clear the free radicals produced in the body. These trace substances are formed by photosynthesis when crops are about to mature. In the current greenhouse, early harvesting reduces a lot of phenols. Let’s talk about farming. Thinking back a few decades ago, raising a pig grew 130 pounds a year. Now a pig in a pig farm is 200 pounds in 3 months. In the past, a free-range chicken laid an egg in two days, but now a chicken farm lays three eggs in two days. , the quantity has soared, but the quality has declined, resulting in a decline in the nutritional quality of the food. If we understand nutrition, we know that the appetite is full, but the cells are always hungry. Eating junk food, enjoying the convenience of modern life, having no moderation, overeating, not moving if you can, smoking and drinking, and lack of scientific health knowledge, it is not surprising that there are more and more patients. In addition, there is a deviation in the understanding of diseases. Many diseases are caused by poor living habits, lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, excessive tobacco and alcohol, and the formation of irritable emotions. You can adjust your diet, adjust your emotions, exercise moderately, control tobacco and alcohol, and supplement nutrition. To recover, and blindly excessive treatment is often counterproductive.

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