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The autonomic nerves cannot be seen or touched, but the symptoms that appear are unpleasant

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The autonomic nerves cannot be seen or touched, but the symptoms that appear are unpleasant

In the consciousness of many people, when there is an uncomfortable problem in the body, they go to the hospital for examination and find the problem for treatment. It has the meaning of treating the head with a headache and treating the feet with a sore foot. However, there is a disease with various symptoms, but you go to the hospital for an examination, and the examination report is normal. In most cases, you may be given some western anti-anxiety and depression drugs for treatment, and some are not prescribed. The doctor told you to rest at home and exercise properly. When such a result occurs, many patients may be inexplicable and do not know what happened to them. You sometimes have: dizziness, lack of energy, feeling that life is unreal, chest tightness, shortness of breath, insomnia, dreaminess, sleepiness, bloating, diarrhea, hiccups, heartburn, loss of appetite, unformed stools, irregular heartbeats in the heart, Rapid heart rate, premature beats, palpitations? If your body shows the above symptoms, then you go to the hospital for examination and there is no organic problem, then you really consider whether the autonomic nervous system is disordered. In many cases, the symptoms of autonomic dysfunction appear to outsiders very similar to sub-health problems. In fact, it is not. The symptoms of autonomic dysfunction will seriously affect a person's normal life and work. The patient can't even live a normal life, living in a fearful, tense, and depressing environment every day. The appearance of autonomic nervous disorder may be related to life pressure, work pressure, long-term mental stress, and one thing, or it may be because of one or two things in life, which stimulates the patient's nerves and causes mood swings. caused by a larger cause. When you are in a high-pressure living environment, will you release your psychological pressure properly? If not, you will always be living in depression every day, and your body will be prone to problems. When you read this far, you may ask, there are so many symptoms of autonomic disorder, after I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor also told me to go home to rest and exercise properly. I'll just do it, will I get better. In fact, it is not. When the symptoms of autonomic disorder have affected life, rest, exercise and self-regulating emotions have little recovery effect. After suffering from autonomic disorder, under normal circumstances, patients will take such as: Deanxing, oryzanol, vitamin b1, lorazepam, sertraline hydrochloride, etc., the main function is to inhibit the nutritive nerve, control and relieve mainly , Recommendation: In the case of not affecting life, it is best not to use anti-anxiety and depression western medicine, because after using it for a period of time, the withdrawal reaction is very serious.

But symptoms are all over the body, so how should they be treated?

Currently, TCM believes that the cause of autonomic dysfunction is nothing more than two aspects: internal and external. External factors are mostly due to long-lasting strong mental stimulation, poor tolerance to external stimuli, and insufficient ability to adapt to the environment and cope with things. The internal cause is mainly caused by the dysfunction of the viscera. The heart is the official of the monarch and the gods; the heart is the master of the viscera and the foundation of life activities, and occupies the primary position. If the mind is too restless, the mind is not inwardly guarded, and the mind is chaotic and unstable, it will not only lead to insomnia, but also inevitably disturb the internal organs, consume qi and damage the essence, and easily lead to diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment mainly uses traditional Chinese medicine to invigorate qi and blood, nourish yin and dredge collaterals, remove blood stasis and soothe the nerves. Compatibility of traditional Chinese medicines 27 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, such as bezoar, jujube seed, pearl powder, polygala, angelica, chuanxiong, salvia, peach kernel, safflower, and Polygonatum, were selected from more than 1,000 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines, and they were composed according to the proportion. "Anshen Qingnao Recipe" comes in three forms: decoction, pill and capsule to meet the treatment needs of different patients. Indications "Anshen Qingnao Prescription" is mainly used to treat insomnia, dreaminess, headache, dizziness, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation, palpitations, like long qi and other symptoms caused by autonomic disorders, as well as anorexia, bloating, pantothenic acid Alternation of water, constipation and diarrhea, general weakness, heavy hair, swollen head, tight scalp, swollen eyes, dry eyes, tight neck, feeling of heavy pressure, hot palms and soles, and fever all over the body Complications such as scalding. There is a disease that cannot be detected - the main indication of autonomic nervous disorder "Anshen Qingnao Recipe" is mainly used in clinical treatment of autonomic nervous disorder (and various symptoms caused by autonomic nervous disorder), neurasthenia, neurosis, menopause Syndrome, anxiety, depression, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, gastrointestinal neurosis, cardiac neurosis and other functional diseases; also used to improve immune function, improve postoperative; also used for fatigue syndrome, improve Sub-health state.

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