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Identify and understand your negative emotions

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Identify and understand your negative emotions

With the new wave of the epidemic, various places have entered the "silent" mode again, and primary and secondary schools have been forced to delay the start of school. In addition to doing nucleic acid tests every day, people in quarantine are also required to report their physical conditions; they have to go online to grab food and tutor their children in online classes; they are worried that the nucleic acid results will become positive, and they have to face the unknown future... family, It was the first time that I was confined at home for such a long time. There was anxiety, irritability, intimate parent-child time, and intensified family relationships. At the same time as the epidemic is eyeing, negative emotions are also breeding in every corner, threatening everyone's physical and mental health. Anxiety and depression patients surge Since the outbreak of the epidemic, due to the economic downturn, business owners, entrepreneurs and migrant workers of all sizes are generally in a state of anxiety. Economic difficulties bring about mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, and mental illnesses further aggravate economic losses, which will lead to a vicious circle since then. As one of the countries with the highest burden of depression, there are currently more than 54 million people suffering from depression. According to relevant reports from China Youth Daily, about 80% of depression patients have not been "discovered", and 90% of patients have not received standardized professional treatment. While the epidemic has increased people's mental pressure, this pressure will be passed on to families and children, which is especially evident during the epidemic control and isolation period. Pay attention to the early warning signs of "negative emotions" When faced with adverse environments such as stress, uncertainty, and isolation, moderate negative emotions are a mechanism for self-protection and help reduce further physical and mental harm. However, excessive or prolonged emotional and behavioral problems can cause harm to physical and mental health. We can observe for ourselves, compared to usual times, whether there have been:
  • Changes in sleep and eating patterns, such as early awakening, insomnia, decreased or significantly increased appetite
  • Agitated or restless
  • Fatigue or low energy for prolonged periods of time
  • Inability to concentrate, poor memory
  • indecision, loss of interest in enjoyable activities
  • feeling sad or empty
  • li>
  • Vulnerable, easy to cry and cry
If you find that there is more overlap with your current state, you should pay attention to it as soon as possible. Achieve 4 points and adjust your emotions in time. What should you do when your mental health level declines and negative emotions increase? We can alleviate it in the following ways: 1. Accept that there are problems with emotions, and think more about whether others will be troubled by it and how others will solve it. Since other people are also troubled by difficulties, it is natural to try to accept your own emotions. 2. Divert attention When you have negative emotions, don't immerse yourself in them, try to do other things to divert your attention, such as listening to music, exercising, reading books, etc., to gain happiness and a sense of accomplishment from it. 3. Take the initiative to talk to friends and family members to talk about the difficulties you are currently encountering, and to vent your emotions through talking is also a good way to relieve negative emotions. 4. Reorientation When we see other people's achievements, we inevitably have a comparison mentality. But in fact, everyone has their own advantages. Seeing others succeed, we should not fall into anxiety and rethink our own positioning.

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