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More and more young people have insomnia? The 4 major hazards of insomnia at a younger age must be known

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More and more young people have insomnia? The 4 major hazards of insomnia at a younger age must be known

With the change of lifestyle, the incidence of many diseases has increased, including common hypertension and diabetes, etc. In fact, insomnia has become a disease that seriously endangers human health. According to statistics It was found that the number of insomniacs in my country has exceeded 200 million, and there is still a growing trend. What is even more worrying is that most consumers who buy sleep aid products are post-90s, which will not only make people feel pain because of insomnia, but also There are also many hazards. What are the hazards of insomnia at a younger age? 1. Cognitive impairment Insomnia will cause people to have a headache after getting up in the morning, and the spirit will become more sluggish, and it is easy to be unable to concentrate when working. In fact, this is a signal of impaired cognitive function, such as dizziness, slow reaction, distraction, etc. That's because chronic lack of sleep can make glial cells overactive, which can damage the brain's cognitive abilities and, in severe cases, even increase the risk of Alzheimer's. 2. Increase occupational risks. If you often do not sleep well, you may make mistakes at work. For example, accountants may make mistakes in calculations, causing losses to the company. Drivers may cause danger to passengers due to dozing. Personnel will suffer cuts and burns due to daze or lack of concentration. People in high-risk occupations may even affect their own life safety and the safety of others due to misjudgment. 3. Emotions are easily out of control and often cannot sleep well. It will also make people become like a gun battle, unable to control their emotions. This is because the brain is too fatigued, and the emotional central regulation function becomes unstable, which makes it impossible to control one’s temper. , Over time, due to emotional fluctuations, high blood pressure and stomach pain will occur. 4. Getting fatter and staying awake for too long means that the body needs to consume more energy, and because you can’t sleep and watch videos on your mobile phone for a long time, it will also stimulate the brain because of sounds and images, so that the brain and The intestinal tract drives patients to eat supper and consume too much energy, and they will become more and more fat over time. After all, the body's ability to decompose and metabolize fat at night is relatively poor. Reminder Research has found that people's sleep quality is mainly related to three reasons. The first is the environment they are in. If the resting environment is hot, cold, noisy, or bright, sleep will be affected. The second is the feeling of the body, such as dysmenorrhea, stomach pain, arthritis attack, etc. When the pain develops to the fourth grade, there will be inability to sleep, and it is also related to nutrients. For example, long-term lack of vitamins may cause It can cause patients to have negative emotions, such as depression or sadness, and some people will experience skin numbness and tingling after falling asleep, thus affecting the quality of sleep.

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