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Xuzhou Anxiety: What is Premarital Anxiety?

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Xuzhou Anxiety: What is Premarital Anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: What is premarital anxiety? Desires to get married but anxiety a week or two before marriage is a typical feature of premarital anxiety. New couples with premarital anxiety usually have an inexplicable fear of their future marriage. They can suddenly become irritable, irritable, angry, and even depressed. These symptoms will bring some adverse physical reactions, such as taste, dry tongue, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, frequent urination and urgency, etc., and even affect one's own life and work, thereby causing some physical and mental diseases and endangering people's health. So, what should we do? Because everyone who is about to get married knows that the relationship between the two will undergo qualitative changes after marriage. Due to the strong contrast between pre-marriage and post-marriage, some people will have anxiety and anxiety about their future married life before marriage, that is, pre-marriage anxiety. Generally speaking, premarital anxiety is more likely to occur in the following groups: First, those who are too comfortable with their free life before marriage. They are used to living freely and enjoying it. They worry that once they get married, they will lose their freedom, shrink or even close their social circle, and thus unconsciously generate a sense of fear. Second, people with anxiety-type personality traits. Usually they are easy to worry about various things in life, and naturally they are also easy to worry about major events such as marriage. They worry in advance about possible conflicts in their married life. Of course, there are some people who are not very responsible. They are immature, highly dependent, and have poor living ability, and it is difficult to take care of their personal life at ordinary times. For those who are about to get married and have children, they should not only care about their spouses, but also take care of their children. They have a hard time imagining what they should be doing then. So before marriage, their anxiety must be very strong. For newlyweds suffering from premarital anxiety, it is best to give themselves a sufficient period of time to reflect and make appropriate psychological adjustments. Find out the reason for your anxiety first, and choose the corresponding strategy according to the different reasons. At the same time, you can honestly tell your lover your anxiety and get his understanding and help. In particular, you can chat with your lover about your arrangements and thoughts about your married life, and make some psychological preparations and plans for your married life, which can relieve a lot of anxiety about marriage. In addition, you can also consult a professional psychiatrist to overcome premarital anxiety with their help and guidance.


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