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Xuzhou Anxiety: How to Help Your Baby Relieve School Anxiety?

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Xuzhou Anxiety: How to Help Your Baby Relieve School Anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Precautions for new students entering the kindergarten: 1. Correct and positive words to guide the baby before entering the kindergarten, parents should actively guide the baby, let the baby know that the kindergarten is an interesting place. Parents can tell the baby that the teacher loves you like a mother, and the teacher is like your partner. If you are happy or unhappy about anything, you can tell the teacher. Let the baby trust the teacher consciously, so that the teacher can get close to the baby and better guide the baby to adapt to the learning and life in kindergarten. Make the children have a good impression of the kindergarten and adapt to the collective life of the kindergarten as soon as possible. 2. Your emotions can affect your baby. Parents send their baby to school and say "goodbye" calmly when they leave. Let your baby know that going to kindergarten is a normal thing. Mom and Dad go to work and the baby goes to school, which makes TA feel that this is a very common thing. Let the baby better accept the kindergarten life. 3. Allow the child to develop a new relationship with the teacher. Parents are the people that children trust and depend on the most. Parents need to pass on your trust to the baby, praise the teacher in front of the baby, and tell the baby that the teacher is a trustworthy person who can build a close relationship. And when sending children to the park and picking them up, they warmly greet and communicate with teachers in front of children, so that children feel that teachers are good friends of their parents. Alleviate the anxiety of children leaving their parents. 4. Pay attention to cultivating children's independence. Many children don't cry or make trouble on the first day of kindergarten, but they don't want to go to kindergarten after they go to kindergarten. Part of it was because I couldn't do what I needed to do in kindergarten, I felt a gap with other children, and I felt frustrated. The baby cries and does not want to go to kindergarten. Parents should give guidance on life skills, such as letting him sit at a table to eat by himself, and not walk around while eating. Instruct your child to try toileting, washing hands, sleeping, etc. Parents guide you not to be anxious, because the more anxious you are, the more nervous your child will be and the more afraid of going to kindergarten. 5. Know your baby's feelings in time. When parents take their baby home from kindergarten, parents can ask the baby what he did in kindergarten, whether he likes games, whether he is happy, whether he likes the teacher, whether he has made good friends, etc., so as to understand the baby's psychology. Feel, help the baby to eliminate some emotional problems in time, relieve the baby's anxiety when entering the kindergarten. Although babies leave their parents' arms and enter kindergarten, they will cry bitterly, but many babies can quickly adapt to the collective life of kindergarten and gain new growth under the guidance of teachers and parents. Babies in kindergarten are the first step into the society, leaving the care of their parents, the outside world is very exciting. So please feel free to leave your baby to the teacher!

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