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Cancer, cure or not cure?

Time:2022-12-10 04:56:12 author:Prevent anxiety Read:177次
Cancer, cure or not cure?

Cancer, cure or not cure? Cancer is synonymous with terminal illness. In the eyes of most people, suffering from cancer is basically a death sentence. If treatment is not good, it will be finished. Look at those celebrities, bosses, and cancer is gone. For ordinary people For ordinary people, the huge cost of treatment is also an insurmountable gap. Many people believe that there are several causes of death from cancer. One is normal death, but the number is not large, the other is scared to death, which is more common, and the third is death from overtreatment, and of course the few who survive. At that time, Wei Yanzheng took a series of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, amputation, starvation and other methods, but his body weakened very quickly and died relatively quickly. Ling Zhijun, the editor of People's Daily, was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer. Many experts said that he could not live for 3 months, but he did not rush for treatment, did not stop working, did moderate exercise, moderate treatment, and moderate rest. It has been 15 years now. 60 3 months, still alive and well. These are all public figures, everyone knows them, and there are many people who don't. If you have cancer, you need to treat it, and you need to treat the disease, but how to treat it is the key. Moderate treatment, plus emotional regulation, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, quitting smoking and drinking, and supplementing nutrition can basically achieve better results. .

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