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Back pain every three to five, what medicinal wine is good to drink? This medicinal wine is designed to treat your "pain"

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Back pain every three to five, what medicinal wine is good to drink? This medicinal wine is designed to treat your "pain"

Uncle Zhang's health has always been very good, so he didn't take back pain to heart, but the latest low back pain made Uncle Zhang's head. The pain has been going on for a week and it doesn't get better. Sometimes I use a little force on the toilet, like being pricked by a needle. What is the effect?" Many people are concerned about this question of Uncle Zhang. After all, there are various kinds of medicinal wines on the market, whether they are homemade or sold, so can the back pain be relieved by medicinal wine? Today, I will help you to explain in detail.

Can lower back pain be relieved by drinking medicinal wine?

Low back pain can be properly treated with medicinal wine! If the pain in the waist and legs is caused by rheumatic bone pain and wind-cold-damp arthralgia, some medicinal wines that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis and relax meridians and collaterals can be used to relieve it. Generally, it will have a good effect, such as "star medicinal wine" - Tongrentangzhuang Bone medicine wine. This medicinal wine is very particular about prescription, material selection, production, etc. Through continuous improvement, perfection, and improvement, it has become an elixir for dispelling wind, dispelling cold, relaxing meridians and activating collaterals, and is well received by consumers. Next, let's focus on understanding why this medicinal wine is so popular!

Behind the strong bone medicinal wine, there are 4 "outstanding" value blessings!

1. The unique formula Zhuanggu medicinal liquor uses 149 kinds of "precious, high-quality, authentic and pure" medicinal materials, including leopard bone, buffalo horn, bezoar, musk, ginseng, deer antler and other precious medicinal materials. The formula is mainly based on medicinal materials for dispelling wind and dispelling cold, nourishing blood and filling marrow, nourishing kidney and strengthening bones, supplemented by medicines for clearing meridians, reducing swelling and relieving pain, nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening spleen and stomach, cooling blood and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. , the whole prescription of medicine is all powerful, expelling pathogens and strengthening the righteousness at the same time, plus the medicinal power of wine, so that the power of warming and dispelling cold is multiplied. 2. Efficacy characteristics Regarding the clinical efficacy and safety of Zhuanggu medicinal wine, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University conducted a clinical experiment on it. The results of the study showed that the total effective rate of Zhuanggu medicinal wine in the treatment of wind-cold-damp-arthralgia was 80.65%. 3. In addition to the symptoms of syndrome and arthralgia it treats (manifested as pain in joints, skin, muscles and bones, or swelling and numbness, or unfavorable flexion and extension, even joint swelling and deformation, rigidity, muscle atrophy, etc.), After clinical research, the drug also has extensive medical value and redevelopment value. 4. Technological characteristics The strong bone medicinal wine first needs to be made of Laoguo Gong liquor, which can be made after 6 months of storage. The traditional and unique wine-making process reflects the characteristics of sufficient extraction of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, which can ensure the maximum curative effect. In addition, during the storage process of Zhuanggu medicinal wine, the concept of "esterification" of liquor is also introduced. The aroma of the wine is full and harmonious, which is more conducive to the taste. Therefore, for patients with perennial waist and leg pain, if they are not allergic to alcohol or should not drink alcohol, they can make targeted choices under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist.

Besides taking medication, don't ignore everyday protective measures!

1. When lying down with low back pain, it is best to bend your body on your side and lie down on a mattress. The hardness of the mattress should be moderate, neither too soft nor too hard. In addition, if you are used to lying on your back, pay attention to placing the pillow behind your knees to raise your legs slightly. 2. Pay attention to calcium supplementation to replenish the calcium required by the body in a timely manner, which can also help improve back pain and avoid the occurrence of osteoporosis. Usually, you can choose to eat some soy products, buttermilk, milk and other foods. 3. Pay attention to preventing cold. When wind and cold invades the human body, especially the waist, it is easy to cause qi and blood to be blocked, veins to be blocked, etc., and it is easy to aggravate the symptoms. In addition to paying attention to preventing wind, cold and dampness in winter, summer and early spring cannot be ignored. References: [1] Xu Ying. To save low back pain, orthopaedic doctors recommend 3 actions [J]. Family Doctor, 2021(4): 50-51. [2] Xiaoyun. Reasons behind women’s low back pain[J].Health Expo, 2011(7): 30-31 Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (reprinting is prohibited without authorization) | Source of Xingchen pictures | Toutiao


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