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Why do long brain tumors need enhanced MRI? What is Enhanced NMR?

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Why do long brain tumors need enhanced MRI? What is Enhanced NMR?

MRI is a test that uses a magnetic field to release electromagnetic waves and then draws images of the internal structure of the body. In addition, MRI has the advantages of fast inspection speed, high tissue resolution and clear images. It can help doctors to detect early lesions that are difficult to detect. It is one of the inspection items for early screening of many diseases. However, when many brain tumor patients seek medical treatment, doctors will ask for enhanced MRI, which is also a type of MRI. Why do brain tumor patients need enhanced MRI? MRI mainly uses the different magnetic field signals of different substances to diagnose physical conditions, and the magnetic field signals emitted by brain tissue and tumor tissue under normal conditions are not very different, so it is easy to make tumors be missed, so it is necessary to do enhanced MRI. . After a brain tumor occurs, there will be new blood vessels in the brain to supply the tumor, the injected contrast agent will enter the normal blood vessels and new blood vessels, and will penetrate into the tumor tissue supplied by the blood vessels. Let the doctor make a clear diagnosis and take timely measures to treat it. What should I pay attention to when doing enhanced MRI? 1. Remove metal objects such as necklaces, metal watches, buttons, hearing aids, etc. Various metal objects will affect the magnetic field scanning, and even react with the magnetic field to damage the instrument. Therefore, the metal objects worn on the body should be removed before the examination. If the body is equipped with metal objects, such as cardiac pacemakers, blood vessel metal clips, nerve stimulators and artificial heart metal valves, MRI cannot be performed. 2. Maintain steady breathing It takes more than half an hour for an MRI examination, and noise will be made during the examination. At this time, you can wear earplugs and maintain steady breathing, do not let the body do any movement, and prevent the image quality from being affected. 3. No contact with various wires. During the scanning process, the body should lie still, and the skin should not be directly contacted with the inner wall of the magnet and various wires to prevent the skin from being burned. Note that if you have a tattoo on your body, it is best to remove the tattoo, because the chemicals in the tattoo will react with the magnetic field and easily burn the skin. In general, enhanced MRI has irreplaceable significance in diagnosing brain tumors. Therefore, if any abnormality is found after ordinary MRI, further examination is required. However, it should be noted that patients with renal insufficiency or renal disease should be vigilant because enhanced MRI requires injection of contrast agents, and renal function needs to be evaluated before examination. Because the contrast agent will be excreted through the kidneys, if there is a problem with the kidneys, it is easy to cause contrast agent nephropathy and cause acute complications. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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