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What details should gastritis patients pay attention to in life? 5 things your stomach will thank you for

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What details should gastritis patients pay attention to in life? 5 things your stomach will thank you for

The stomach is the main digestive organ. Although the stomach acid in it is very powerful and can eliminate various substances, it cannot eliminate inflammation. Therefore, the stomach will also experience discomfort due to inflammatory reactions, which is often referred to as gastritis. In addition to actively taking related drugs under the guidance of doctors, patients with gastritis should also do a good job of nursing. What details should gastritis patients pay attention to in life? 1. Develop good eating habits The diet of patients with gastritis should be warm, soft and glutinous, and light, and each meal should be regular and quantitative. It is recommended to develop the habit of eating less and more meals, especially to avoid overeating. Make enough food in the stomach and neutralize gastric acid, so as to avoid the erosion of gastric mucosa or ulcer surface due to gastric acid, which will cause the patient's condition to become more serious. 2. Patients with gastritis need to avoid eating, especially to eat less or not eat too cold, too hot, too spicy, and too hard food, such as hot pot or chili, cold drinks, etc., in addition to quit smoking and drinking, if you need to take related It is recommended to take the medicine after eating to avoid the stimulation of the gastric mucosa caused by the medicine and the further development of the disease. 3. Maintain a peaceful mind. Studies have found that the occurrence of digestive tract diseases such as gastritis and duodenal ulcer is closely related to the patient's emotional changes and mentality. Therefore, in addition to treatment, patients should also maintain a happy mood. Peace of mind, to avoid negative effects of tension and anxiety on the treatment effect. 4. Actively exercise If physical conditions permit, gastritis patients should also actively participate in physical exercise, which can enhance the peristalsis speed of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the incidence of indigestion and food accumulation, and exercise can also make the body resist disease. It is of great help to prevent various diseases, including stomach problems. 5. Prevent cold and keep warm Gastritis patients should do a good job of preventing cold and keeping warm, especially when the weather changes, they should add clothes appropriately, and cover the quilt when sleeping at night, because after the abdomen catches cold, it will affect the blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract. The adverse effects will not only aggravate the pain, but may also aggravate the condition. It is a warm reminder that gastritis patients should eat nutritious and easily digestible food, and the food they eat should be thoroughly cooked. Try not to eat overnight food, and avoid irritating food, such as pepper or mustard, because this Various types of food can cause damage to the gastric mucosa, and sweets should be eaten less to avoid acid reflux. Also, avoid smoking or drinking, and try to drink less strong tea and coffee, because these substances contain many elements that can irritate the gastric mucosa. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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