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Do not ignore constipation in children, look at the cause and type of constitution

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Do not ignore constipation in children, look at the cause and type of constitution

In daily consultation, constipation in children is also very common. Parents are very puzzled. How can constipation occur in such a small child? In fact, constipation in children is directly related to daily life, eating habits, physical fitness, and mental status, but the most direct The reason is: the colon. When the colon absorbs more water, the stool must be dry, and it will also cause insufficient gastric motility, and constipation will naturally occur. So, what exactly causes constipation in children? First, unreasonable diets lead to constipation. If the food we eat is high in protein but low in carbohydrates, the effect of intestinal flora on the internal fermentation of the intestine must be reduced, which will easily make the stool dry and difficult to defecate; on the contrary, if the food contains more carbohydrates, it will lead to intestinal fermentation. The increase of fermenting bacteria in the tract will easily lead to diarrhea; if there is more calcified casein in the food, the insoluble calcium soap in the feces will increase, which will lead to a significant increase in the amount of stool and easy constipation... Second, gastrointestinal motility Decreased function. If the stool of the child was normal before, but one day the regular life is broken for some reason, then the functions of various organs in the body are also broken. For example, intestinal dysfunction is one of them, but we do not have Just noticed. Third, physical fitness, physiology, and genetics can all cause constipation. If the child's physical quality is very poor, he is sick every day, and always looks weak, it must be a lack of stomach power. Insufficient gastric motility can lead to slow bowel movements, causing dry stools and eventually constipation. In addition, if we have congenital megacolon anal stenosis, spina bifida and other diseases can also cause constipation. Some children's constipation may also be caused by family inheritance... There are many factors for constipation. We must treat it in a targeted manner to receive immediate results. Fourth, mental stimulation or stress can also cause constipation. Constipation may also occur if a child's mind is suddenly stimulated, or if the mind is depressed for a long time. For example, some elementary school students suddenly rose from unrestrained kindergarten to the first grade of elementary school. Before their roles have changed, they have to use a pen to write and count, and they are under a lot of mental pressure. Suggestions: 1. Get rid of the habit of partial eclipse 2. Ensure regular bowel movements 3. Strengthen physical exercise and stay away from constipation. 4. Keep a happy mood

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