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Xuzhou Fear: How to seek help from others for social anxiety?

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Xuzhou Fear: How to seek help from others for social anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. See a doctor. If you really think you have social anxiety disorder, you might want to see a doctor. The doctor will help wholeheartedly, and the process of seeing a doctor will be simple and easy. Some doctors will chat with you about your condition over the phone, while others will try to arrange for you to see a doctor after get off work. Talk to your doctor more and start to gradually improve your social phobia. 2. Seek treatment. You can also consult a specialist if you feel social anxiety disorder is too severe to handle on your own. Treatment may be the key to defeating the disease. Psychologists will use cognitive behavioral therapy to teach you to change the way you think, behave and respond to social situations, which can effectively reduce anxiety and fear. Cognitive therapy can help you master physical symptoms by relaxing and breathing, get rid of negative thoughts, and cope better in social situations. 3. Participate in group therapy. Group therapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy in a group setting, including role-playing, social skills training, acting, videotaping, and mock interviews. These drills can help you cope better with real-life anxiety-provoking things. 4. Join a support group. Group therapy is different from group therapy, which mainly helps you during the recovery process. With the help of the support group, you will not feel lonely because of nervousness. You might as well look for such a support group in your local area. 5. Use of drugs. Although some drugs can be used to relieve various symptoms caused by social anxiety disorder, they cannot be cured, because once the drug is stopped, symptoms such as nervousness will appear. Medications are often combined with treatment and self-healing techniques. Warning not to run away from things. To avoid everything, a person or a situation is to be defeated by social anxiety disorder. Get over it, you'll be proud of yourself, and you'll be able to socialize more freely. The more you avoid things that upset you, the worse your social phobia will become. Don't get nervous because someone doesn't like you. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Do not be discouraged. Persevere and be patient. Your hard work and courage are worth it.


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