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How many types of depression do you have?

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How many types of depression do you have?

1) Endogenous depression: that is, there are "five signs" of laziness and anxiety (brain biogenic amines are correct or absolutely insufficient). 2) Reactive depression: that is, depression caused by various mental stimuli and setbacks. People with poor psychological tolerance, such as sudden natural disasters and man-made disasters, divorce, marriage, serious illness, career setbacks, etc., are prone to reactive depression. 3) Hidden depression: low mood and depression symptoms are not obvious and often manifest as various physical symptoms such as palpitations, chest tightness, upper abdominal discomfort, shortness of breath, sweating, weight loss, insomnia, etc. 4) Depression characterized by learning difficulties: This type of depression can cause students to have learning difficulties, inattention, memory loss, overall or sudden decline in grades, phobia, truancy or refusal to study. 5) Secondary depression caused by drugs: if some hypertensive patients take antihypertensive drugs, they will lead to persistent depression and depression. 6) Secondary depression caused by physical diseases: such as heart disease, lung disease, endocrine and metabolic disease, and even severe cold and high fever can cause this type of depression. 7) Maternal depression: During pregnancy, the hormone levels in women will change significantly, and then later, the psychological changes will be greater, and the nerves will be sensitive and fragile. If conflicts within the family are caused by the gender of the child, it will easily lead to postpartum depression. disease occurrence. 8) Postpartum depression: Depression caused by physical and psychological factors after giving birth to a child. Symptoms include tension, doubt, guilt, fear, etc. Very few serious cases include despair, running away from home, hurting children or suicide. thoughts and actions.

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