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What are the dangers of insomnia

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What are the dangers of insomnia

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of work pressure, more and more patients with insomnia are suffering from insomnia. How many people know the harm of long-term insomnia to human health? Please see: 1. Insomnia can lead to weakened immunity of the human body: the secret is that sleep produces a sleep factor called muramic acid in the human body. Thereby effectively preventing the invasion of bacteria and viruses. 2. Long-term insomnia will accelerate the aging of the human body and shorten the lifespan: Research has found that the decline of deep sleep will lead to a significant decrease in the secretion of growth hormone, and the amount of growth hormone secretion determines the degree and speed of human aging. From 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is the most active time for cell necrosis and new life in the body. Lack of sleep at this time will affect cell metabolism and accelerate aging. 3. People must get rest and energy through sleep: if you don’t sleep well at night, the brain is prone to ischemia and hypoxia, which will accelerate the death of brain cells, cause cerebral cortex dysfunction, cause autonomic disorders, and even lead to neurosis in severe cases. 4. Affect work and study life: insomnia often leads to lack of energy during the day, inability to concentrate, dizziness, memory loss, decreased thinking ability, decreased work efficiency, nervousness and irritability, not getting along with people around, depression, boredom, Serious can also lead to pessimism and misery. 5. The decline of sleep quality in adolescents will directly affect the growth and development of the body. 6. Long-term insomnia in middle-aged and elderly people can lead to high blood pressure, and the outbreak of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and other diseases is 25% higher than usual.

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