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Insomnia has the following symptoms

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Insomnia has the following symptoms

Insomnia is an extremely important physiological function to maintain human life. Just like water and food, it is indispensable to human beings. Most people spend about one third of their life in sleep. Keep enough sleep and a balanced diet. And proper exercise are the three health standards recognized by the international community. A person can live seven days without food and water, but only four days without sleep. Therefore, sleep is essential to our survival, Shakespeare said: "The first good meal of man is sleep". But there are many people who can't enjoy this delicious meal. They struggle with sleep almost every night. They spend a long time trying to fall asleep, fall asleep easily, wake up soon, and fall back to sleep more difficult. There are also some people who have fallen asleep all night, but wake up in the morning with a heavy head, fatigue, and lack of sleep. This means that the quality of sleep is not "up to the standard", and they are all sleep disorders: among them, insomnia is the most common cause of sleep disorders. Human health is the most serious threat. The main manifestations of insomnia are as follows: 1. Difficulty falling asleep: tossing and turning, and falling asleep 1-3 hours later than before. The patient said that he was very sleepy and wanted to sleep, but he could not fall asleep while lying on the bed, tossing and turning. Thinking about some messy things, I can't calm down, and my sleep time is significantly reduced. 2. Some patients are sleepy during the day, lethargic and listless, but are excited and sleepless at night, study, have meetings, doze off in class, and fall asleep while watching TV while leaning on the sofa. Can't sleep anything. 3. Sleep sensory disorder: lack of real sense of sleep. Although many patients can fall asleep soundly, they believe that they are not asleep when they wake up, but the person or spouse in the same room says that he has been snoring. 4. Light sleep is easy to dream: the patient feels that he is not sleeping properly, and he feels sleepy all night, and when he closes his eyes, he is a dream, wakes up when there is movement, and some wake up early, no matter when he falls asleep, he wakes up at three in the morning and wakes up It is even more difficult to fall asleep again, so I have to stare until dawn. All insomniacs know that it is the most painful when they cannot fall asleep. Some patients often have nightmares, wake up from a terrifying and thrilling dream, break out in a cold sweat, have nervous heart palpitations, look pale, and dare not fall asleep again.

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