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How does a psychologist maintain a good relationship with clients?

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How does a psychologist maintain a good relationship with clients?

How does a psychologist maintain a good relationship with clients? In the training materials for psychological counselors and in some growth workshops for psychological counselors, the importance of the counseling relationship is emphasized, and it is believed that a good counseling and visiting relationship should be established before counseling, which roughly includes five aspects: respect, enthusiasm, sincerity , empathy, positive attention. And some workshops, spend a lot of time, training and practice in this area. In the actual consultation, most psychological consultants also adopt this method, the purpose is to maintain continuous consultation, in order to continue the consultation and achieve the predetermined consultation effect. Even if it is implemented in this way, in the actual consultation, some visitors will not come after 1, 2, 2, 3 consultations. The industry is called shedding. Why is it respectful and sincere, or shedding? The client pays a high fee for consultation. It is to solve some problems that they solve by themselves. It is not simply a matter of respect and sincerity. What they want is, how to eliminate symptoms, how to relieve pain, how to work normally, how to How to improve your grades, how to make yourself better, if you can't solve these problems when consulting, it will not make much sense in respect, enthusiasm, sincerity, empathy, and positive attention. Therefore, a stable consultation-visit relationship is not formed before consultation, but is formed during the consultation process, especially in the first or second time. If the client feels that he becomes more relaxed and the symptoms are getting worse and worse Well, the financial conditions of the family can support it, and the consultation will definitely continue. Visitors pay, not to listen to good things, but to solve problems. But you should also pay attention to your words, speak softly, not to mention consulting this kind of occupation, even the rough job of repairing bicycles. If you have a bad attitude and speak unpleasantly, people will not come to such a stall to repair your bike.

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