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What is the reason for frequent peeling of the hands? May be related to these 5 reasons

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What is the reason for frequent peeling of the hands? May be related to these 5 reasons

The hand can be said to be the second face of a person. The skin of the hand needs to be well maintained. In addition to applying hand cream, you should also pay attention to observe whether there is any abnormality in the skin of your hand, especially for many people. There will be such a problem, that is, my hands often peel off. The frequent peeling of the hands may be due to the following reasons, and we must pay attention to targeted improvement. What factors may be related to frequent peeling of the hands? 1. Lack of vitamins If the body lacks vitamin A and vitamin B for a long time, it is easy to cause inflammation of the skin, and the skin will show uncomfortable symptoms such as dryness, peeling and itching, so the hands may peel off frequently. It is relatively simple to improve this situation, as long as you pay attention to vitamin supplements, especially to eat more foods containing vitamin A, such as milk, egg yolks, carrots and the like. 2. Chemical stimulation If you often come into contact with some irritating chemicals, such as washing powder with strong alkaline, laundry detergent, soap, etc., the skin of your hands may often peel off, which is a phenomenon that occurs in many women in life. A major cause of peeling hands. If you want to improve the peeling of the hands caused by this reason, as long as you wear rubber gloves when touching these chemicals, and apply hand cream after washing your hands, it can usually be relieved. 3. The climate is too dry. Some people will experience peeling of their hands when the climate is relatively dry. This is because when the climate is relatively dry, the body loses a lot of water, and the skin will be relatively dry, so there will be peeling phenomenon. . This is dry peeling, and the general symptoms are not very obvious. Most of them have mild peeling on the fingers and toes. Basically, no special treatment is required. Just drink plenty of water and pay attention to moisturizing the skin. 4. People who sweat a lot on their hands tend to have blisters on their hands. After the blisters are dry, the skin will peel off at this position. This situation belongs to the peeling of sweat herpes. Sweat herpes is a kind of skin eczema, which is easy to appear when you sweat a lot, and when you are exposed to external stimuli, or come into contact with some allergic substances, it may be caused. 5. Ringworm of the hand Ringworm of the hand usually starts from the fingers, is a small part of the peeling, slowly and continuously expands outwards, and spreads to all parts of the hands, and there will be a relatively obvious itching feeling, and there are erythema on the palm of the hand. Tinea pedis is basically caused by fungal infection, which is similar to athlete's foot. Occasional peeling of the hands is a normal physiological phenomenon, and there is no need to be too nervous, but if the hands frequently peel, you should pay great attention, find the specific reasons in time, and then make targeted improvements. It can avoid repeated peeling of the hands. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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