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4-year-old child is worried about depression at home! 70% of depression is a psychological problem

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4-year-old child is worried about depression at home! 70% of depression is a psychological problem

"In your opinion, what does a 4-year-old child look like?" The picture most people can think of is, sleep when they are sleepy, play when they wake up, eat when they are hungry, and laugh when they are happy. If you are unhappy, you cry a lot. You don’t have so many troubles and unhappiness, and you live a carefree life every day. But is this really the case? Maybe children are far more thoughtful and sensitive than adults think. A 4-year-old child in Zhengzhou, Henan, recently became unhappy and did not communicate with others. The parents thought that the child was sick, but after going to the hospital for examination, they found that all the indicators were normal. After that, the parents consulted a psychiatrist. After some communication and understanding, the child told the psychiatrist about the family changes he heard from his parents, and was very worried, but he did not dare to tell his parents, so he could only keep it in his heart and suffered from depression. In order to help the children open their hearts, the doctor suggested that parents can play a show that solves the problem. As a result, the child's mood gradually relaxed after listening to it, and his personality gradually returned to a lively and cheerful character. Seeing this news, I believe that many people will find it incredible and think it is a hype. How can a 4-year-old child have such deep thoughts? How can you be depressed about this? In the age group of four or five years, when the mind is relatively simple, they do not understand and do not care about many things, but they are very sensitive to the words, attitudes and behaviors of their parents, and they can gain a sense of security and happiness in a harmonious atmosphere. Can feel uneasy in a depressing atmosphere. This is why there is a view in psychology that "people's personality is closely related to their original family." According to the relevant survey data of the "2022 National Depression Blue Book", the current prevalence rate of adolescent depression is 15%-20%, and That is to say, one out of every 5-6 adolescents suffers from depression. For adolescents with depression, family environment factors are the primary factors that make them depressed. Therefore, here we also remind the majority of parents that they should pay more attention to their words, deeds and attitudes on weekdays, especially for children with more sensitive minds, they should actively guide them in their daily life, so as not to affect their physical and mental health. In addition, I would like to add a point about depression here. The incidence of depression in the current society is getting higher and higher, and pathological depression is only a small part. Over 70% of people's depression is related to social and psychological factors!

Common social factors include:

1. The relationship between the parents of the original family is not good, and the parents are divorced or because of busy work and other reasons. Lack of love, bad family atmosphere, major changes, etc. These accumulated dissatisfaction and disappointment in the heart have become the deep incentives for depression! 2. Negative events stimulate the death of relatives, lovelorn, marriage change, parent-child relationship, career development, etc., major changes occur, bring great changes to one's life, and suffer psychological trauma or excessive pressure. 3. Personality Factors Some people are naturally introverted and sensitive, think a lot about things, are taciturn, are not good at communication and do not talk about it, all things are suppressed in their hearts and cannot be resolved, and it is easy to develop into psychological problems such as depression and anxiety! Pay attention to Enen Psychology, the home page has commonly used professional tests in psychiatry, you can self-assess, if you have other questions, you can leave a message or comment!


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