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Xuzhou Psychology: How to understand the body language of autistic patients?

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Xuzhou Psychology: How to understand the body language of autistic patients?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: The expression "body language of autistic patients" is actually inappropriate, because each autistic patient has its own characteristics, and it is difficult for us to generalize the entire autistic group. This article mainly explains the common body movements of autistic patients and the common misunderstandings of ordinary people. If you're going to examine the situations described in the article one by one, don't forget that your autistic relatives are unique individuals and the situations described here may not apply to every individual with autism. 1. Don't interpret being different from ordinary people as inferior. Just because people with autism communicate differently, that doesn't mean they're inferior. Everyone has their own unique way of communicating, including non-autistic people. There is no right or wrong way to communicate. 2. Don't expect autistic people to do what you want. It is possible that your own perception of their behavior is very narrow. For example, you might think that lack of eye contact means inattention, and mistakenly think that people with autism aren't paying attention to you, when in fact they're listening. Therefore, we must first broaden our horizons and recognize these unique individuals. 3. Take the initiative to accept differences and don’t be afraid of body language that you don’t understand. You probably haven't experienced it, but it's nothing at all. Weird facial expressions and dancing body movements may catch you off guard, but that doesn't mean people with autism are dangerous or harmful. do not worry. Take a deep breath and relax. 4. Carry out a specific analysis according to the specific situation. Due to the complexity of body language and the diversity of individuals with autism, we cannot explain the inner logic of body language with a simple list or diagram. You can look for clues based on the specific situation at the time, such as environment, speech, facial expressions, etc. , make certain judgments. 5. If you are confused, ask directly. You can directly ask other people's emotions, it's better than not understanding and getting frustrated and confused. We need to figure out other people's emotions, which autistic people can totally understand. As long as you can ask politely and respectfully, this is normal. "When we were talking just now, I noticed that you were restless all the time. Is there any problem? Or are you used to listening to others?" "When we were talking just now, I noticed that you were not looking at me. You listened to others. Do you get used to not looking at others?" Method 2: Understand the differences between autistic patients.


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