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How can teen suicide be prevented?

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How can teen suicide be prevented?

How can teen suicide be prevented? When it comes to suicide, people can basically think of depression. The suicide rate of depression is relatively high, so they think depression is terrible. In fact, among the teenagers who commit suicide, some are depression, and some are not depression. For example, a child in Shanghai jumped off the bridge after being told a few words by his mother. A child in Wuhan was playing poker at school and was called by the teacher to his parents. When the parents arrived at the school, they felt that the face could not be dealt with, so they slapped the child and the child walked out of the building. Jumping up and down, this situation is definitely not depression, but willfulness. If there is no buffer, it is easy to go to extremes. Whether it is depression that leads to suicide or self-indulgence that leads to extremes, what is exposed is the problem of family education, so doing a good job in family education is the key to preventing youth suicide. Adolescents suffering from depression are generally sensitive, suspicious, insecure, inferior, timid, concerned about other people's evaluations, afraid of failure and afraid to face them. The formation of this kind of character is usually made by parents who are too demanding and do not allow their children to make mistakes. Criticize if you are wrong. Willful children go to extremes, which is basically caused by spoiling. There is no bottom line for parents to spoil their children. They give what they want, cry when they are not satisfied, and have no self-control. Psychology says that gratification cannot be delayed. The current problem in family education is that in terms of life, there is no bottom line of spoiling. Children have formed selfishness, lack of responsibility, gratitude, awe, inability to empathize, self-righteousness, poor will quality, and poor spirit of enduring hardships. . Parents always feel that their children have not grown up and always impose their will on their children, forming rebellion. In terms of learning, parents are afraid that their children will lose at the starting line, and they keep urging them to compare with the best children, making them sensitive, suspicious, and insecure. There are many types of mental illnesses with different symptoms, but the pathogenesis is almost the same. The most essential is character problems, and bad character is caused by wrong family education.

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