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Can people with OCD accept their symptoms?

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Can people with OCD accept their symptoms?

Can people with OCD accept their symptoms? If you look for knowledge about obsessive-compulsive disorder, there will be many articles and videos. Among them, most of them talk about acceptance, that is, accepting one's bad emotions, accepting symptoms, and accepting those bad thoughts. The symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder are varied, and all kinds of bad thoughts are also very incomprehensible. Because there are too many acceptances, many patients have adopted the so-called acceptance. Can they be accepted? Actually, there are several situations? One is that the symptoms are very mild, and you are not very afraid. You can endure it for a while. In this case, you can do it. But for moderate and severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, many patients will say that they cannot do it, but quite a few of them will blame themselves. regret. There are indeed some patients who say that they can be accepted. Let's analyze how they do it and how they feel after they do it. When OCD attacks, it is very painful, frightening, and soulless. At this time, letting them accept it is actually to endure this feeling. We know what it feels like to always sprinkle salt on the edge of the knife. OCD keeps coming, and we keep accepting. , is to constantly sprinkle salt on the wound, and only oneself knows the taste. There is another kind of person who can be accepted. It is a liar, a trustee, and their purpose is clearest. In conclusion, I have accepted it at all, or the more I accept it, the more painful it is.

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