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How to make children addicted to games like learning?

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How to make children addicted to games like learning?

How to make children addicted to games like learning? The problem that gives many parents a headache. The more they don’t let their children play with mobile phones, they will play hard, and the more they want their children to study hard, but they will not learn. Now there are many children who are addicted to games, and at the same time, there are also many children who are tired of learning. Do game-addicted children like to learn? Most of the children who are addicted to games do not learn because they are addicted to games, but turn to playing games because of setbacks in learning. Many children who play games are not addicted, but idle and bored to pass the time. It is meaningless for children to hold the mobile phone, control the mobile phone and cut off the network cable, and they will not learn without the mobile phone, and can only intensify the contradiction. Learning weariness is when there are too many difficulties in learning, resulting in learned helplessness, feeling that one cannot learn, and feeling uncomfortable when learning, and lack of responsibility for learning and poor will quality. To make a child addicted to games like learning is to allow learning to form new links in the brain, to establish a connection between learning and positive emotions, and to form positive conditioning. A sense of achievement, and through repeated practice and suggestion training, it becomes a thinking program that the brain runs automatically. At the same time, we should pay attention to cultivating children's sense of responsibility and not afraid of hardship.

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