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What causes facial paralysis? How to grasp the "golden period" of facial paralysis treatment?

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What causes facial paralysis? How to grasp the "golden period" of facial paralysis treatment?

Facial paralysis is the disease of the facial muscles or facial nerve, which makes it impossible to express expressions sensitively, mainly manifested as difficulty opening eyes, drooping eyelids, uncontrolled drooling, inability to eat normally, etc., which seriously affects the image, and also increases inferiority complex and depression. Emotion, what are the causes of facial paralysis and how to treat it? What are the causes of facial paralysis? 1. Most of the facial paralysis caused by virus infection is caused by virus infection. When the resistance decreases, the virus enters the body and directly attacks the facial nerve, thereby inducing facial paralysis. The onset of facial paralysis is acute, and the symptoms can reach a peak in about 1 to 3 days, mainly manifested as skewed mouth and eyes, drooling while sleeping on one side, unable to open or close eyes, etc. Most patients pay more attention to rest, and they can recover with appropriate acupuncture, physiotherapy or medication. Some patients are more seriously ill, often accompanied by ear pain and hot face. At this time, a full course of antiviral treatment should be given under the guidance of a doctor. , surgery if necessary. 2. Congenital Facial Paralysis In recent years, more and more people are getting married and having children at a later time. Coupled with the release of the three-child policy, the number of elderly births in my country has increased, and the incidence of congenital facial paralysis has also increased. For example, congenital facial paralysis Developmental disorders, facial nerve developmental disorders, etc. 3. Tumors such as acoustic neuroma, skull base tumor and basilar aneurysm can all cause facial paralysis, most of which have a slow onset and are often accompanied by symptoms of cranial nerve damage. 4. Complications of medical aesthetics Medical and aesthetic projects such as injection of botulinum toxin, wrinkle removal or thread carving in irregular places can increase the risk of facial paralysis. 5. Other causes of craniocerebral trauma can easily cause facial paralysis, which is common in traffic accidents; facial trauma, temporal bone fractures, and skull base fractures can also induce facial paralysis. When is the prime time for facial paralysis treatment? At present, there is no specific drug that can cure facial paralysis, and individualized treatment plan is required. If it is traumatic facial paralysis, there is only one week of golden treatment period, and it will cause irreversible damage if it exceeds two months; if it is congenital facial paralysis, nerve transplantation should be done at the age of three, and muscle reconstruction should be done at the age of 5 to 6; If facial paralysis is caused by benign tumors, early surgical intervention is required; if it is caused by medical and aesthetic complications, immediate treatment is required without delay. Warm reminder that facial paralysis can be treated, but the golden treatment period cannot be missed. Due to the high technical difficulty of facial nerve surgery, patients do not understand that facial paralysis can be treated in depth, thus exceeding the golden age and causing irreversible damage to the body. After systematic treatment of facial paralysis, the eyes can be opened and closed normally, and the problems of eating and drinking have been significantly improved, and there is almost no abnormality in appearance. Active prevention should be taken in daily life to avoid blowing cold wind or getting cold; a balanced diet and exercise to enhance resistance. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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