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Internet celebrity shoes with a "feeling of feces" may have hidden health risks! How to choose the right pair of shoes?

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Internet celebrity shoes with a "feeling of feces" may have hidden health risks! How to choose the right pair of shoes?

Major e-commerce companies and Internet celebrities have been recommending shoes with a sense of shit, which sell very well and are liked by many young people. The businessman claims that these shoes are as soft as cotton when stepped on. Although they can temporarily feel comfortable, they will affect your health in the long run, and will bring three major health risks to the body. What are the dangers of wearing net red shoes that often "feel like shit"? 1. Weak support The sole is too soft to support the sole of the foot, which will cause the arch of the foot to collapse over time and induce functional flat feet. Especially those with varus or valgus feet, deformed feet and deformed feet should not wear these shoes, otherwise the deformity problem will be further aggravated. A collapsed arch can induce damage to the foot, local ligaments, and muscles, easily causing ankle valgus, calf or foot internal rotation, and even lumbar pain and pelvic anterior tilt. It is highly reminded that ligaments and joints gradually degenerate as you get older, and your foot control ability is weakened. Wearing too soft shoes can threaten the health of joints. 2. Shoes with poor stability are like stepping on cotton and cannot stand firm. Wearing them for a long time can weaken the control of the feet, thereby increasing the risk of foot sprains and sprained feet, especially when skipping rope or running. . 3. It is easy to be tired. Wearing soft-soled shoes for too long, the shape of the soft-soled shoes will change, coupled with insufficient rebound, the reaction force of the ground is weakened, which increases the difficulty of walking, and is prone to fatigue. How to choose the right pair of shoes? 1. Breathable shoes The better the breathability, the more comfortable it is, which can reduce the risk of tinea pedis. Therefore, pure leather or pure cotton should be selected, and plastic or artificial rubber should be selected carefully. 2. Anti-slip properties Oxford soles with anti-slip patterns are the most slip-resistant. This is the most important point for the elderly to choose shoes. Because the balance ability and exercise ability of the elderly are weakened, they may fall if they are not careful, so they should choose good anti-slip effect. shoe. 3. Loose shoes that are too small or too tight can easily cause blisters on the feet, and also increase the risk of tinea pedis and paronychia; wearing shoes that are too loose can affect the bones of the feet. Therefore, you should go to the physical store to buy shoes, and it is better to be loose and fit. 4. If the soft and hard shoes are too hard, it will increase the discomfort of the feet. If they are too soft, they cannot support the arch of the foot. Therefore, shoes with moderate hardness and softness should be selected. When buying shoes, you can twist them by hand and observe them. If you can twist them into several circles or can't twist them, you can't buy these kinds of shoes. Warm reminder After the above understanding, shoes that feel like stepping on shit should not be worn for a long time, so as not to affect the health of the body. Choose the right shoes according to your own situation. When buying shoes, you need to choose from four aspects: slip resistance, breathability, looseness and hardness. You cannot sacrifice the health of your feet for the sake of temporary beauty. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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