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Are palpitations and difficulty breathing really heart disease? may also be acute anxiety

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Are palpitations and difficulty breathing really heart disease? may also be acute anxiety

I always thought that I had inherited my mother's heart disease. Even if there was no problem with the examination, I have been taking some nourishing Chinese medicines on and off for the past two years. At the beginning, the number of heart attacks that were still effective was indeed less, but recently it has become worse. Just last week, I quarreled with my child on the phone. After hanging up the phone, my heart felt uncomfortable. I quickly called 120, but when I got to the hospital and asked the doctor to examine me, I didn’t find any problems. Considering the medical care in the county If the level is limited, they are transferred to the city hospital. In the city hospital, the doctor did an electrocardiogram, color Doppler ultrasound, and blood tests for me, but no problem was found. I wondered if it could only be detected when a heart attack occurred... Later, the cardiologist The doctor suggested that I go to the psychiatrist, so I found the doctor. Is it because I have a mental illness that my heart is uncomfortable?
This is Ms. Wang, a patient I have seen recently. For the past two years, she has always thought that she has a heart problem. Most of the time, it will only occur when she is emotional, and occasionally her body will suddenly feel uncomfortable without any warning. pain. After several visits to the local clinic, I was not found to have any organic heart problems. It was not until later that I met a more experienced cardiologist who suggested that he see a psychiatrist, and then he found me. After the examination, it was diagnosed as panic disorder ( acute anxiety disorder)! Because this case is very typical, today I will talk with you about panic disorder.

panic disorder - mental illness masquerading as heart disease

Typical symptoms of panic disorder are palpitations, rapid heartbeat, palpitations , difficulty breathing, trembling, dizziness, sweating, a strong sense of near-death or body aches, very similar to those of a heart attack. Therefore, many people choose cardiology when they go to the doctor. However, it is not difficult to distinguish between heart disease and panic disorder. Panic disorder has a very strong response when it attacks, usually reaches its peak within ten minutes, and does not cause harm to the body, and usually does not affect normal work. and life. Even if you go to the hospital for related examinations, no obvious organic lesions will be found!

So why does panic disorder occur?

Panic disorder, also known as acute anxiety disorder, is a type of anxiety disorder. Its causes can be divided into biological factors and social psychological factors: biological factors: genetics, abnormal brain function, neurotransmitter changes, other physical diseases, etc. Psychosocial factors: bad interpersonal relationships, excessive stress, negative event stimuli, family factors, etc. Usually it is the result of a combination of factors!

Do I need to call ambulance when I have a panic disorder?

Generally speaking, the risk of panic attacks in anxiety disorders is not high, and it is almost not life-threatening. Usually, the situation will basically return to normal in about ten minutes, so if you have been diagnosed with panic disorder, If it is not a heart disease, you may not call an ambulance, but it is best not to live alone in case of an accident. However, you should receive treatment in time. If it is caused by obvious social and psychological factors, you can choose psychological treatment, which can solve the problem from the root cause. If there are biological factors, it is best to accept drug treatment, which can effectively control the disease. , to prevent more serious damage to the body. If you suspect that you have psychological problems such as anxiety or depression, you can choose a professional scale test on my homepage. Of course, you can also leave me a message or private chat, and I will answer them one by one after seeing it!

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