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"Why do you still have insomnia after seeing a doctor and taking medicine?"

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"Why do you still have insomnia after seeing a doctor and taking medicine?"

Many insomniacs go to major hospitals, see a doctor, take medicine, and spend money, but their symptoms have not improved. What is the reason? In fact, this is an illusion caused by the psychological effect of the patient. Patients with insomnia are usually sluggish, have poor mobility, and are exhausted. In this mental state, they have to rush to see a doctor, which undoubtedly increases a burden for the patient. On the one hand, patients must not ignore life, such as study, work, family and other factors in the process of treatment, and under the influence of these objective factors, the patient will make the already exhausted body more fatigued, which can easily lead to the aggravation of symptoms. On the other hand, insomnia is inherently a symptom that requires long-term treatment. As the saying goes: "Illness comes like a mountain, and it goes away like a thread." Long-term treatment is also destined to slow the recovery of the disease. Therefore, a contradiction arises: the deepening of the symptoms and the recovery of the symptoms go hand-in-hand. Because the treatment cannot help promote the growth of the disease, the symptoms of the children can be deepened uncontrollably, so once the patient's condition worsens, the patient will develop Seeing a doctor and taking medicine is useless” delusion. How to treat insomnia more effectively? Identifying the cause of insomnia is the key to the treatment of insomnia. The treatment emphasizes comprehensive treatment, mainly through sleep hygiene education, psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, CBT-I), physical therapy, drug therapy, Chinese medicine therapy, etc., to improve sleep quality. , The purpose of increasing effective sleep time and restoring normal work and life during the day. How to control insomnia symptoms no longer aggravate? Pay attention to self-regulation No matter how severe the insomnia is, you must rely on yourself to make appropriate adjustments. First of all, you must set a schedule for yourself, and at the same time, you must develop a good biological clock. Even if you go to bed late on the first day, you must not wake up late the next day. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time. Even if you are unable to fall asleep, as long as you develop a biological clock, you can shorten the time of insomnia. Using psychological intervention to treat insomnia Many people think that insomnia is caused by psychological problems. If the situation becomes more and more serious, we should pay attention to this aspect. Many people have been emphasizing that drugs should be the main focus, but it is best to carry out psychological intervention in early treatment. There are many theories and methods of psychological intervention. Cognition, counseling, suggestion, relaxation, etc. can be adjusted, but they need to be under the guidance of professionals. conduct. Reasonable improvement of eating habits is actually quite helpful. For patients with insomnia, eating habits can be improved and the diet structure can be adjusted. For example, people with long-term insomnia consume a lot of calories, fat and energy. For patients with severe insomnia, it may be helpful to change these elements into protein, crude fiber and vitamins, which will help relieve insomnia. Keep the Air Circulation Many people think that not too much cold air will enter the room when they fall asleep, thinking that excessive air circulation will affect people's relaxation and thus make it impossible to fall asleep. But in fact, in most cases, ensuring air circulation and allowing oxygen to enter your room is a good way to relieve sleep. Insomnia does cause trouble to many people, and many people have tried many ways to relieve insomnia, but I hope the majority of insomniacs will know that almost all insomnia is caused by long-term bad habits and negative factors. Improving yourself is more important than seeing a doctor and taking medicine. important. And sleep itself is relatively short-term, and this factor must be taken into account when adjusting, which is more helpful for relieving insomnia.

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