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Xuzhou insomnia: how to regulate insomnia?

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Xuzhou insomnia: how to regulate insomnia?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Most insomnia patients are caused by psychological factors. Although psychological factors are an important cause of insomnia, as long as patients can self-regulate their psychological activities, they can become a favorable weapon to overcome the disease. Based on the introduction of relevant materials, this article talks about some methods to overcome insomnia through psychological adjustment. (1) Relaxation method: Insomnia is not good, but the harm of insomnia itself is far less than the harm caused by the fear and anxiety of insomnia. Fear and anxiety about insomnia can lead to a vicious circle of psychological interaction, that is, insomnia-fear-tension-insomnia-increasing-fear-increasing-tension-insomnia-increasing... Therefore, after insomnia, it is essential to relax and accept the reality calmly. Less. At the same time, realize that when you have insomnia, as long as you can relax mentally and physically, even staying up late is fine. High monks often meditate (lie down) without sleeping. (2) Relax and smile sleep: lie on your back, smile and meditate. After taking six deep breaths, breathe naturally. Whenever you inhale, hold (concentrate) the top of your head - forehead - eyelids - lips - neck - shoulders - chest - back - waist - abdomen - hips and legs - knees and calves in order. (3) Anti-guided sleep method: For insomniacs who are confused and unable to enter a silent state, the anti-guided sleep method can be used. When you go to bed, instead of going to sleep, you lie down comfortably, thinking about some of the pleasant events you've experienced, and basking in happy scenes. If you're having trouble falling asleep because of distractions, instead of controlling your distractions, keep making up a story that's pleasing to your mind and body. The longer the story, the better. These intentional memories and "storytelling" can not only eliminate the patient's fear of "insomnia", but also turn into a protective inhibition state due to the normal excitation and fatigue of the cerebral cortex, and promote natural sleep. (4) Shake your head vigorously: After lying on your back, contract your upper limbs first, relax after 10 seconds, and experience the feeling of relaxation. After repeating 3 times, use the same method to do relaxation training of lower limbs, head, face, and whole body in turn. After you are completely relaxed, close your eyes slightly, swing your head from side to side in a positive posture, and swing your head at a speed of 5 to 10 degrees for 1 to 2 seconds. As you swing, you can feel your whole body getting looser, deeper, and less intense and faster. This self-rocking is like a baby sleeping in a rocking cradle, and drowsiness will soon hit. The above psychological adjustment methods are indeed effective in correcting insomnia and improving sleep. Insomnia patients may wish to try, especially insomnia caused by psychological factors. If the above methods are used to adjust, the effect will be more obvious.

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