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How to Prevent ADHD

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How to Prevent ADHD

ADHD is a psycho-behavioral disorder that often occurs in children, mainly characterized by deficits in concentration. The daily symptoms of children include short attention span, inability to sit for a long time, more small movements, like to run around at will, tirelessness, severe lack of patience, random interruptions when others speak, random interjection, impulsive behavior, and short temper. Since the cause of ADHD is not clear, there are several ways to reduce the incidence of ADHD. ² Pay attention to prevent traumatic brain injury, poisoning and central nervous system infection in children. ² Protect children from exposure to pollutants and toxins, including secondhand smoke and lead paint. ² In the process of children's growth, create a harmonious and warm family life environment, so that children can spend their childhood in a relaxed and happy mood. Don't beat, scold or criticize children often. ² Pay attention to reasonable nutrition, so that children develop good eating habits, not partial or picky eaters, ensure adequate sleep, strengthen physical exercise, and enhance physical fitness. If you find that your child has ADHD, you must seek medical treatment and psychotherapy in time. At the same time, parents should pay more attention to the child, give due relationship, and establish a good relationship with the child. At the same time, discover and help children develop their own strengths and improve children's self-confidence. Children with ADHD all have certain psychological problems. Because of establishing a good relationship with the child, he found his strengths and gave encouragement and support to improve the child's self-confidence. Cultivate children's skills in communicating and getting along with others; communicate more with doctors about changes in children and review them regularly.

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