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Do the following to avoid retirement syndrome

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Do the following to avoid retirement syndrome

Retirement is a watershed in life. Before retirement, people fill their time with work, create value with their own labor, and prove themselves with their own hard work; after retirement, they no longer have to sell their labor, and they no longer have to work hard to compete with others. With a lot of free time, he has become the focus of the entire society. When you are young, the first few years of work are very important, because if you want to adapt to the society, you have to adapt to the society. This sentence is still relevant after we retire, because retirement means entering the life of the elderly, so the first few years of retirement are also crucial. So how to alleviate retirement syndrome? You can try to do the following three points well. 01. Have good interpersonal relationships as support. When the elderly retire, they will go through a stage where they are not needed by others. In fact, we all have a feeling in our hearts, that is, "being needed". Although we are very busy and tired at work, we have a more fulfilling day. At work, we exert our ability, and our ability is small in time. But it is also cooperating with the operation of this company, which is the sense of accomplishment accumulated in our work. After retirement, we are no longer needed, so it is inevitable that there will be a sense of loss in our hearts. At this time, we need to make up for our inner sense of loss through interpersonal communication. We can find former friends, or retired colleagues, communicate a lot, and build a new circle. This way we naturally adjust to retirement status. 02Find your own interests and hobbies Everyone has a kind of inertia in their thinking patterns and behavior patterns. When we are used to a kind of life, we think that this kind of life is justified. Breaking habits of thought and behavior takes a long time of adaptation. .03 Returning to the family: I used to be busy at work and dedicate all my energy to my career. Now I have time to return to my family, dedicate my own love to my family, and feel the warmth brought by my family.

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