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What is the principle of social phobia?

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What is the principle of social phobia?

What is the principle of social phobia? Social phobia mainly refers to not being able to go to certain environments where there are people. As for who it is, each person suffering from social phobia is different. Some are afraid of men, some are afraid of women, some are afraid of strangers, and some are afraid of strangers. Some are afraid of acquaintances, some are afraid of half-baked people, some are afraid of tall people, some are afraid of wearing certain clothes, and what are they afraid of? People with social phobia are generally sensitive, suspicious, insecure, timid, and have low self-esteem. They have encountered certain events and formed a conditioned reflex. They say it is terror, but it is actually anxiety, that is, they are worried about something happening. A female employee in the company has been in the company for a few years. Due to the nature of the work, the company has a large turnover of people. She is afraid of half-baked people. She is not afraid of newcomers. , I do not know how to adjust. Her symptoms stemmed from her childhood experience. She was originally very well-behaved, but her mother always told her neighbors that the child was ignorant, lazy and greedy. She knew that neighbors who knew her would not believe her mother's words, and her mother who did not know her would not believe her. If she can speak, but she is not familiar with her, people may believe that they are afraid of these half-baked people, although they are far away from home after work, this kind of fear will always exist. The solution is to explain to her the principle of conditioned reflex and explain that people won't know what's wrong with you. It's all the feelings formed by your childhood experience. Through suggestion relaxation training, you can simulate how to communicate with half-baked people, and gradually reduce anxiety. , can communicate with anyone in the company normally, the problem is solved.


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