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Xuzhou Depression: How to Make a Mental Health Judgment for Postpartum Depression?

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Xuzhou Depression: How to Make a Mental Health Judgment for Postpartum Depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Postpartum families are more happier and happier. As a mother, she has a greater responsibility. She develops negative emotions when the responsibility is too great for herself. At this time, the family's misunderstanding will aggravate her condition and lead to postpartum depression. You know, this is a very painful and serious illness, so you need to take a postpartum depression self-assessment to judge your mental health. 1. Correct attitude. After giving birth, women switch roles, such as mother and wife. When you're a mom, try to give your baby as much love as possible so that he can develop quickly. When you are a wife, you should give your husband more encouragement to earn more money and take care of the family. 2. Psychological consultation. When a woman has a bad relationship, her husband and family are better catalysts. Parents should pay more attention to women's emotions and do some psychological counseling appropriately, which can make women more confident and play various roles. How to treat postpartum depression? Six ways to treat postpartum depression 1. Medication. By taking antidepressants, women can improve their emotional state, stabilize their emotional state, and avoid being controlled by negative emotions such as irritability, depression, anxiety, and tension. In order to better treat postpartum depression, it is recommended that women maintain medication for a period of time, and necessary psychological counseling is also very important. 2. Exercise therapy. Exercise can improve women's emotional psychology and eliminate postpartum depression. 3. Distract your attention. Turn your attention to something pleasant and engage in more physical activity. You will be affected by the activity and your mood will become brighter. 6. Give your brain a break. Go out for a walk, or hang out with friends more, communicate more, and vent your depressed mood.

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