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Xuzhou Fear: Getting Rid of Social Fear, Two Ways to Cope

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Xuzhou Fear: Getting Rid of Social Fear, Two Ways to Cope

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Similar to the above-mentioned small social interactions, we often need to spend a lot of energy to "cope", and we are physically and mentally exhausted. In order to get rid of this uncomfortable, uncomfortable and fearful feeling in social life, we usually have two coping methods: one, avoidance. You can hide if you can. If you can't speak, you can keep silent. If you're embarrassed, you can't stop looking at your phone. I also found a reasonable reason for myself - "I am introverted". But in the end you will find that the more you avoid socializing, the more you reinforce your fears. 2. Coercion. When I had to, I forced myself to socialize, forced myself to "talk and laugh", sweat profusely, and didn't say a word. Often get caught up in awkward conversations and label yourself "not socially good". Eventually I felt more and more frustrated and went into hiding again. A lot of times, you feel like you just need to avoid socializing and hide in your comfort zone, or you feel like you force yourself to fit in and you will naturally become good at it. But what you don't realize is that this approach is putting you in a vicious cycle of "social fear - avoidance - forced to chat awkwardly - frustration - total fear of socializing - self-denial." Not being able to communicate freely with people, self-confidence has been severely damaged, and even life circumstances have quietly changed.

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