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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the characteristics of youth rebellious psychology?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the characteristics of youth rebellious psychology?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Major incidents such as juvenile delinquency occur every year, which have a huge social impact. Now, let's take a look at the psychological characteristics of teenagers in the rebellious period, hoping to help us educate our children. Inductive. There is mutual induction between people. This kind of induction produced by teenagers with a rebellious mentality is a reverse pulling force for the advanced layer and a transformation resistance for the backward layer. It affects both ends and is inductive. of. Students often use their smart brains to pick "thorns" for the teacher, pick "problems" for the school, and even go further, deliberately causing trouble, taking pride in colliding with the teacher. Every request their teachers and schools make of their students are said to be unnecessary and they go their way. This rebellious psychological sensitivity has a great impact on the class. If the guidance is not good, it will affect the construction of the class and hinder the progress of students. Spontaneity. The rebellious psychology of adolescents is a direct response to social existence. It is formed spontaneously through interactions between individuals under specific circumstances and conditions. There are no instructions from anyone and no clear goals. I don't know what to do and what not to do. I often go wild, don't listen to advice, go my own way, just want to have some fun. Sometimes you see others do it, and you do it too. This kind of herd mentality is a spontaneous manifestation of rebellious mentality under certain conditions. variability. In the middle school stage, students have a strong sense of independence, but their opinions and beliefs have not yet been formed or are extremely unstable. Their minds are immature, shapeless, and malleable. As long as we are good at guiding, we can effectively control the rebellious psychology of young people. Some students have a rebellious mentality, but they are not rebellious everywhere. With the change of environment and conditions and the role of education, they can make the best use of the situation and reverse the rebellious psychology, which is changeable.


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