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Mobile phones are affecting our health

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Mobile phones are affecting our health

First: It hurts our eyes. Every night we lie in bed and stare at our mobile phones. After turning off the lights, we are still reluctant to put down our mobile phones. We don’t know what we are playing. , The first thing I do when I wake up the next morning is to look for a mobile phone, work, study, and even have dinner parties. Staring at the mobile phone for a long time is not only easy to be shortsighted, but also easy to make the eyes tired, dry, and even painful. Second: Playing with mobile phones brings more anxiety. Frequently looking at mobile phones may lead to mobile phone anxiety. Looking at mobile phones too much, we will rely too much on mobile phones. If we suddenly leave mobile phones, we will be overwhelmed and do not know what to do What, the quality of life will be significantly reduced, will be irritable and irritable. Third: swiping the phone takes up time and picking up the phone does not know when and where, the time is constantly lost, and I don’t know it, so there is naturally less time to devote to work, study, and hobbies. Ultimately, our work efficiency is very low, and the quality of work is more difficult to guarantee. Fourth: Playing with mobile phones is easy to be dangerous. There are many cases in life. When looking at children, because they are too fascinated, children get lost, look at mobile phones when crossing the road, have a car accident, go down stairs to use mobile phones, step on empty steps, fall... Each of us has a finite amount of energy, and if we focus on our phone and ignore the other things we're doing, it's entirely possible that unexpected things will happen. Fifth: Mobile phones seriously affect our gastrointestinal health This is the most important point. Long-term use of mobile phones is not only harmful to our body, but also leads to increased mental stress and changes the regulation of gastrointestinal neuroendocrine. In addition, when the mobile phone becomes dominant in our lives, we will be at the mercy of the news of the mobile phone, and anxiety will arise in our hearts. Anxiety will cause insufficient physical movement and chemical changes in the gastrointestinal tract, and eventually lead to the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases such as indigestion and constipation. . Also, if we spend too much time on our mobile phones or stay in one position for too long, it will also lead to slower gastrointestinal motility, which is prone to other indigestion diseases such as food accumulation. Generally speaking, everything is done in moderation, and it is just right. It is the demeanor of a general. Don't say you can't do it, you can! Don't hurt the five internal organs and feelings because of excessive use of mobile phones,,,,

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