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Is it normal or abnormal for male function to decline after taking psychotropic drugs?

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Is it normal or abnormal for male function to decline after taking psychotropic drugs?

Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder are several common diseases in psychiatry. Injury requires intervention with medication. Antipsychotics can be divided into first generation and second generation. Second generation antipsychotics are also known as non-traditional antipsychotics. Compared with the first generation, the second generation has more obvious efficacy and fewer side effects, so the current psychiatric drugs Mainly the second generation. Although the side effects of the second-generation psychotropic drugs have been significantly improved compared with the previous ones, it is undeniable that some side effects are still very obvious compared with common commonly used drugs.

Common side effects of psychotropic drugs include:

①appetite and weight gain, obesity problems; ②impaired sleep, easy drowsiness such as sleepiness and inability to wake up; ③ gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion; ④ dizziness, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, restlessness, blurred vision, etc.; in addition to the common side effects described above , Many male friends also responded that after taking antipsychotic drugs (commonly used drugs such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, etc.), it also has a certain degree of impact on male function, then this situation Is it normal? Is it because of the drug? Due to the influence of various factors such as substances, drugs, personal conditions, etc., some people do have this problem after taking medicine. But that doesn't mean the drug isn't compliant, or that there's something wrong with the treatment the doctor prescribes. This is mainly because everyone's tolerance to drugs and the performance of side effects are different. Even the same treatment plan for the same condition may have different effects on different people. Especially in the early stage of treatment, the doctor needs to understand the patient's constitution step by step, and the treatment plan also needs to be adjusted according to the patient's response. Don't refuse treatment because you are worried about side effects. After all, in the face of the disease itself, the side effects are really minimal. And we should trust that approved drugs are safe.

What should I do if my sexual function decreases after taking psychotropic drugs?

The more common manifestations are loss of libido, decrease or disappearance of morning erection, and decrease in the time of intercourse. When these symptoms appear, do not feel pressured, and do not feel difficult to speak, communicate truthfully with the doctor during the follow-up consultation, and improve by adjusting the medication plan. Moreover, the problem is reversible, and most of them can be relieved by themselves after the drug is stopped. If the drug is used for a long time, you can choose to replace other drugs.

So, will it also have an impact on female sexual function?

Compared with males, the effect of this aspect is not so obvious. Most of them are loss of libido, and they are not interested in sexual intercourse. Most of them can be relieved by themselves after stopping the drug. . In addition to drug reasons, the disease itself can also have an impact! In addition to the influence of drugs, the disease itself will also have an impact on the overall quality of all aspects of the body, especially in patients with severe mental illness, and even cause irreversible damage to cognitive function. Don't take chances and think that you can recover without treatment. As the disease aggravates and all aspects of the body are damaged, it will inevitably increase the difficulty of treatment. You may need to adjust the medication repeatedly to control the disease, and the maintenance period and consolidation period. The treatment should also be extended! If you have any other questions about medication for mental illness, you can leave a message or private message to me, and I will answer them one by one after I see it!

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