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The secret to success is deliberate practice on the right path

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The secret to success is deliberate practice on the right path

The secret of success is to deliberately practice on the right path. Everyone is eager to succeed, but there are always a few successful people. The main reason is that the individual's persistence is not enough, and then there is no correct guidance. Some children have poor grades, have not graduated from junior high school, and do not know what to do. Parents may ask them to learn some skills, but these children can learn very little. No matter what industry, people with outstanding skills will not be easily obtained. A girl who practiced dance once said that all she saw on the stage was our splendor and beauty, but when we practiced dance, it was simply destructive. One word horse, the body leaned down, leaving a sweat mark on the ground, this is winter, they did not run vigorously, which shows the level of effort. Then there is the correct guidance. The Chinese women's volleyball team achieved 5 consecutive consecutive years. Coach Yuan Weimin has contributed greatly. There are more people who want to be successful, and there will naturally be more people who are willing to work hard. In some industries, it is difficult to achieve results. This is related to the lack of high-end mentoring talents. If you continue to use the ineffective methods in the past to guide, train, and practice again Maybe not for many years.


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