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A patient with schizophrenia jumps off a building due to hallucinations. Surgery to eliminate symptoms helps patients avoid potential risks

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A patient with schizophrenia jumps off a building due to hallucinations. Surgery to eliminate symptoms helps patients avoid potential risks

Original article, misappropriation must be investigated "You can fly, jump down and you must be able to fly!" A 21-year-old young boy in Guiyang, Guizhou Province always said "you can fly" because of the voice in his ear, which made him really think he had Super power, jumped down from the house on the 4th floor, but luckily, he got his life back. The family members said that the boy had been emotionally ups and downs since he was 15 years old, his grades plummeted, he wiped his face with toilet paper and could not concentrate in class. The family didn't take it seriously until he quarreled with his mother and found that he continued to hear his mother's scolding even though his mother did not accuse him. "Schizophrenia". For this reason, he chose to leave school for hospitalization. He was discharged from the hospital after his symptoms improved slightly, but his mental condition became worse and worse after returning home. , as if listening to other people talking (in reality, no one speaks), sitting on the sofa with a knife in the middle of the night, and finally jumped down from the 4th floor. After seeking medical treatment, it was discovered that the boy secretly spit out the medicine he took every day and threw it away, and did not take the medicine on time and regularly, which caused the auditory hallucinations to become more and more serious. In the hallucinatory symptoms part of schizophrenia, the most common is auditory hallucinations, which may be ridiculed, criticized, or even ordered. The speakers may be male or female, they may be speaking alone, or a group of people may talk or talk to each other about the patient. Some patients also find that as soon as an idea pops up in their head, someone reads it out, which is frightening because you can't find anyone talking, but they know you like the back of your hand. For the treatment of schizophrenia, the sooner it is detected and treated, the better the recovery. Seek medical treatment within one year of the onset of the disease. By receiving stable drug treatment, most patients’ auditory hallucinations will be greatly improved, and at the same time, it can prevent further brain damage, help patients’ lives gradually get on the right track, and make many good friends after returning to society. . If the condition cannot be well controlled after regular drug treatment, surgery can also be selected for further treatment. In the past two years, the patient has been hospitalized in a local psychiatric hospital for a long time after jumping off the building, but the curative effect was not satisfactory after regular drug treatment. Accompanied by his parents, he was transferred to the functional neurology department of our hospital for surgical treatment. After the operation, the patient's cognition is clear, and he can recall his preoperative symptoms and the impact on himself and his family. The original symptoms such as auditory hallucinations, persecution delusions, strange behaviors, and self-talking have been controlled. Jumping off a building is not good. If I die, my parents will be very sad... After I leave the hospital, I want to continue my studies, and I want to go back to school to learn to make friends." It is not difficult to see from the case that the surgical operation of our department is based on the theory of modern psychosurgery. It regulates the specific targets of the neural circuit in the brain through small incisions, so that the nerve cells at the contact site have a "physical-biochemical" reaction, that is, regulating It can effectively control the abnormal mental symptoms of patients. Patients who used to have a bad temper will become gentle and polite after surgery; patients who used to be hostile to their family members and have no affection will become friendly and friendly to their family members immediately after surgery; even stubborn hallucinations and delusions can be eliminated; If things are left unattended, the skills that have been mastered before will regain interest and hobbies after surgery. Although mental illness cannot be "cured", surgery is more stable and durable than drug therapy. After the operation, the systemic drug adjustment and synergistic treatment can normalize the clinical manifestations of the mentally ill patients and help them return to their families and society.

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