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Why can't I find bowel cancer every year? Or related to 4 reasons, be vigilant

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Why can't I find bowel cancer every year? Or related to 4 reasons, be vigilant

The gut is not just a digestive organ, but also has immune functions. Under normal circumstances, the intestinal flora is stable to maintain the body's health, and intestinal health is the first step to longevity. However, in recent years, the incidence of colorectal cancer has been increasing year by year, and the incidence has jumped to the top 5 of malignant tumors. In theory, physical examination is the key to early detection of cancer, but some people are suddenly diagnosed with middle-advanced colorectal cancer by physical examination every year. Why? Why does the annual physical examination fail to find out bowel cancer? 1. Ignore the fecal occult blood test. The stool test can diagnose a variety of diseases, such as intestinal bleeding, parasitic infection, inflammation and precancerous lesions, etc. It can also preliminarily judge the nature and severity of the disease, and can also detect it in time. Lesions of the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. Fecal occult blood is the first symptom of colorectal cancer, which is invisible to the naked eye. Routine examination of feces can be found, early detection and scientific and standardized treatment, and patients can even achieve clinical cure. Fresh feces are needed for routine fecal examination, and should not be given up directly due to inconvenience during the examination. 2. I am embarrassed to do digital rectal examination. Most rectal cancers appear in the range that can be touched by digital rectal examination, so digital rectal examination can detect rectal cancer early. In addition, digital rectal examination can also find other lesions, including anorectal disease, prostate disease, pelvic fractures, and pelvic tumors. Due to the troublesome examination, embarrassment and obvious discomfort during the examination, some patients will choose to refuse directly. 3. Only focus on the tumor markers carcinoembryonic antigen CEA and carbohydrate antigen CA199 as tumor markers are related to colorectal cancer. However, a negative tumor marker does not mean that there is no tumor. It is difficult to detect tumor cells in the early stage. When the tumor cells secrete a large number of protein molecules, this substance can only be detected in the blood. In addition, the protein molecules are not secreted regardless of cancer type, so it is difficult to detect early. 4. Do not dare to do colonoscopy Colonoscopy is the gold standard for definite diagnosis of colorectal cancer. However, many patients refuse to undergo examinations due to fear of the discomfort and pain brought by colonoscopy, and miss the opportunity to detect diseases early. Warm reminder that feces are the external manifestations of the intestines. If you have recently changed your bowel habits, the shape of the stool has become thinner and flatter, abdominal pain and blood in the stool, etc., you need to go to the hospital for related examinations as soon as possible. Those who are over 40 years old, obese, especially those with abdominal obesity, those who have been sitting still for a long time, and those who have a family history of bowel cancer should go to the hospital regularly for the above examinations. At the same time, you should pay attention to life conditioning, adopt the dietary principles of low fat and high dietary fiber, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, strictly control the intake of red meat and processed meat; reduce sedentary time, and have more than 30 minutes of exercise time every day. Early treatment of intestinal diseases, including chronic enteritis, chronic dysentery, intestinal polyps and schistosomiasis. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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