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What are the early symptoms of mania?

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What are the early symptoms of mania?

Mania is also called mania. The cause is not very clear at present, but it is generally related to heredity. Hyperactivity of dopamine is related to manic symptoms. Excessive activity of norepinephrine may lead to manic symptoms. At times, the EEG is a high-alpha frequency and high-amplitude wandering wave. 1. High mood and irritability are reflected in relaxed excitement, feel good about yourself, feel that everything around you is very beautiful, feel that their days are colorful, and they are very happy and happy. Excited and complacent all day long. His excited mood is more vivid and conspicuous, harmonious with his inner experience, and has a certain infectious power, which can often lead to the consensus of the people around him. Mood can be unstable and irritable, often treating others' interference and opposition with malice or anger, but irritable, and the mood often lasts for a short time. 2. Exuberant energy, increased activities Exuberant, significantly increased activities and unbearable, busy all day long, and the work has a beginning and an end. He is enthusiastic, diplomatic, and generous to people. Nosy and outspoken, witty, mischievous, sometimes generous with money, attention to dress, flirtatious and approaching the opposite sex. Sometimes he acts savagely, recklessly, and his appetite and libido increase. Sleep cut, but energized and never tired. 3. Thoughts are free and rich in imagination. The association process is significantly accelerated, the blind becomes intelligent, the brain responds sensitively, the content of the thoughts is rich, the concepts occur one after another, and sometimes the words cannot keep up with the speed of the thoughts. It is manifested as citing scriptures, rhetoric, and chattering, giving people a superficial and superficial feeling. Both automatic and forced attention are enhanced, but are not durable, as reflected in the sudden change of the topic due to changes in the surrounding environment. As a result, concepts continue to emerge and the imagination is rich, and some present sound and meaning.

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