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Several manifestations of social phobia

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Several manifestations of social phobia

Also known as social anxiety disorder, simply put, social phobia is a mental illness that is abnormally fearful or anxious in social and public situations. Patients have a pronounced and persistent fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed by others in front of others or in public places where they are observed. What's more, patients with social phobia find it very difficult to participate in social gatherings, make phone calls, go shopping in supermarkets or ask authority figures, and it is difficult to communicate with others or strangers, which seriously affects interpersonal communication. The impact of social phobia on life is also huge. So what are the symptoms of social phobia? 1. A person who always puts his image first in social fear. When you ask him to do things or socialize, the first thing that comes to his mind is not what to do about the matter itself, but his own image first. Second, I actually want to meet friends and attend parties after procrastinating socializing. However, I always feel that it is not perfect now, and there are still shortcomings. I am always afraid that I will not get the envy and appreciation of others. Show up in front of others. So I kept procrastinating and refusing party activities. In the end, my friends really stopped looking for me to play, and I became more and more lonely. 3. Focus inward No matter what you do, your mind is always focusing on yourself. While chatting with people, I am constantly reviewing my behavior and worrying about my image: my hair is messy, whether I look good when I smile like this, is my expression natural? Never put your attention into the thing itself, concentrate on doing one thing. Four weak character never pick on others' faults, always catering to others' vision. In the future, try and become a little stronger than before. When others say that your clothes are garish, you believe it. Can't you think her clothes are old-fashioned?


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